Third Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Life on Earth

    Life on Earth is vast and varied, from high in the sky to the bottom of the sea. Learn more about what lives on Earth with this reading and quiz worksheet.

  • Friendship 7

    This worksheet is all about the U.S. space mission of Friendship 7, and will help kids with reading comprehension and U.S. history knowledge all at once.

  • Ursa Major: Constellations

    One of the most famous and easy to spot constellations is the Big Dipper! Formally known as Ursa Major, this constellation was named after a bear.

  • Hills and Valleys

    Mix a little art into your science with this reading-slash-drawing sheet on hills and valleys.

  • The Constellation Orion

    Look up into the night sky, and you may see three prominent stars side by side. This is Orion's belt, one of the most well known constellations!

  • Sand Dunes

    Learn how sand dunes form, and a little bit about desert formations like yardangs as well, in this science summary sheet.

  • The Big Dipper Constellation

    Quite possibly the most famous constellation, the Big Dipper is a small part of Ursa Major, the big bear constellation.

  • Definition of a Planet

    This helpful worksheet lays out all the qualifications for planethood. A great way to start studying outer space science!

  • Petunia's and Peter's Plants

    Test your child's science savvy with this worksheet, which asks your child to identify what items are made from plants.

  • Where is the Earth?

    Where is the Earth in space? Check out this worksheet that describes where weÃand some of our neighborsÃare in our galaxy.

  • Sagittarius: Constellations

    Constellations are not just named after animals, some of them are named after people! Learn about the constellation Sagittarius with this fun worksheet.

  • What Does the Earth Look Like?

    What does the Earth look like? Find out all about the nooks and crannies that cover the planet with this landforms worksheet.

  • What is a Plateau?

    What is a plateau? What's the difference between a butte and a mesa? Look at these three land forms and learn to tell them apart with this worksheet.

  • Biome Beth

    Searching for a worksheet that will help your child practice their reading skills? This printable uses life science as a background to help young readers.

  • Cave Formations

    Cave formations come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; get the scoop on common cave formations with this two page printout with a maze and vocabulary.

  • Gemini: Constellations

    For all you aspiring astronauts, here is a worksheet for learning the constellations! Learn all about the constellation Gemini with this sheet.

  • Seven Summits

    Get to know each of the Seven Summits, then organize their heights into a graph.

  • Landform Writing Activity

    Let your child put her thinking cap on and take a moment to write about the influence people might have had on the formation of landforms.

  • Big Dipper Clock

    Use this cool 2-page worksheet to make your own big dipper clock!

  • Pegasus: Constellations

    Do you ever see shapes in the stars at night? In ancient times, people named these shapes, and now we know them today as constellations!

  • Earth Day Quiz

    This Earth Day quiz family and friends with this true or false questionnaire. It's all in good, informative, fun!

  • How the Earth Was Formed

    Learn about how the Earth was formed in this science worksheet that covers the early years of the Earth.

  • Botany Basics: Flower Power

    Teach your child about plants with this worksheet, which helps your child practice botanical vocabulary.

  • Coleoptera Coloring Page

    For kids who bug out on bugs, here's the perfect coloring page! Learn about the insect order Coleoptera, which we mostly know as beetles.