Fifth Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Water Cycle Matching

    This water cycle worksheet is great for 5th grade scientists. Try this water cycle worksheet with your child as a review for test preparation.

  • The Sun: A Diagram Review Sheet

    Learn all about the center of our universe with this handy diagram worksheet. Make sure to hold onto it for easy test prep in the future!

  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses

    What is the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse? Find out with this stellar space science worksheet!

  • Learn about the Earth's Layers

    Kids learn about the Earth's solid and atmospheric layers, then label the diagram with the correct terms in this fifth grade Earth science worksheet.

  • Earthquake Science

    Shake up your science studies with this worksheet about earthquakes.

  • Water Cycle Chart

    The water cycle plays a big role in weather patterns. Color this water cycle chart and get familiar with this cycle at work.

  • Comets and Asteroids

    What is the difference between comets and asteroids? Find out with this stellar space science worksheet!

  • How Clouds Form

    Do you know how clouds form? Get the basic idea of how moisture in the air can become a cloud.

  • Learn About Hurricanes

    If Dorothy had lived a little further south, she might have been swept away to Oz by a hurricane.

  • Plate Tectonics

    Discover the science behind earthquakes and volcanoes with this worksheet on plate tectonics.

  • How Tornadoes Form

    Do you know how tornadoes form?This science worksheet diagrams what is known about what causes tornadoes to form.

  • Tornado Fill-In-the-Blank

    A fill-in-the-blank exercise on tornadoes, made for fifth grade science students.

  • Hurricane Science

    Learn all about hurricanes in this earth science Q&A.

  • Tornado Science

    Learn more about the swirling, whirling science behind tornadoes with this wild worksheet.

  • Lightning Diagram!

    Use this lightning diagram to go along with what your child is learning about weather systems in school!

  • How Tsunamis are Formed

    Do you know how Tsunamis are formed? This worksheet shows the physics behind tsunami formation.

  • Geode Formation

    Many kids might think they know what "hot lava" is from watching a cartoon, but do they know geode formations? They will if they compete this quick worksheet!

  • Tsunami Science

    Learn more about the imposing tsunami with this worksheet about the science of tsunamis.

  • Meteor, Meteorite, Meteoroid

    Learn what distinguishes a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite with this outer space science sheet!

  • Is Pluto a Planet?

    What is Pluto? According to scientists... no, not quite. Find out more behind the answer to that age-old question.

  • How Do Moons Form?

    Our solar system has hundreds of moons! Read a bit about how a moon is formed with this lunar lesson.

  • What is a Black Hole?

    Explore one of the great mysteries of the universe with this space science worksheet on black holes.

  • The Big Bang

    How was our solar system created? Read a bit about one of the most well-known theories in this worksheet about the Big Bang.

  • Light Speed

    Almost nothing in this universe can travel faster than light! Have some fun exploring the speed of light with this space science worksheet.