First Grade Math Money Math Worksheets


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  • Coin Math

    Money math can be a fun way to practice addition. Your beginning coin counter can practice matching groups of coins with equal values!

  • Counting Coins: Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes

    Pennies, nickels, and dimes, oh my! Your child will practice identifying and adding coins in this first grade worksheet.

  • Counting Coins: Shopping with Quarters

    To shop for candy, kids read prices, count quarters, and match the prices to the equivalent amount of quarters on this first grade math worksheet.

  • Money Match: Nickels & Pennies

    Boost your first grader's money smarts with this worksheet that challenges her to count up the nickels and pennies in each piggy bank.

  • Teaching Coins

    Can your child identify the amount of a coin at a glance? Test his knowledge with a fun coin activity.

  • Money Match: Nickels

    Help your first grader get acquainted with nickels by counting them up, and writing their value on the line.

  • Counting Coins: Present Math II

    Let your first grader flex his financial savvy with this fun worksheet. Your child must circle the coins that add up to the value of each present.

  • Money Word Problems #2

    Help Jeff figure out how much money he has and more with this word problem worksheet. Stretch your math skills with this word problem worksheet.

  • Counting Money

    Buy erasers, gum, and yo-yo's with this coin counting worksheet. Kids will use their math skills to find the coins needed to buy these items and more.

  • Money Match: Pennies

    This worksheet lets your first grader play with money, while he practices counting and working with pennies.

  • Counting Coins: Present Math I

    In this first grade math worksheet, your child will circle the coins needed to purchase each item. This exercise teaches coin recognition and addition.

  • Counting Coins: Pennies and Nickels I

    Is your child good with money? For each exercise in this worksheet, your child will count the coins and write their total value on the line.

  • Color and Count: Nickels and Pennies

    Practice your cents sense counting pennies with this worksheet! Add up the coins to see how much change Chris and Yannick have!

  • Money Match: Money in the Bank

    First graders use their money savvy to figure out how much money is in each piggy bank.

  • Counting Coins at the Farmers Market

    A day at the farmers market is not just good for nutrition; it's also good for math skills. Kids see vegetables and sets of coins representing price.

  • Coin Counting: Sum it Up!

    In this fun introduction to coins, your child practices counting and adding coins to find the total monetary value of each pile.

  • Ball Game Treats: Learning to Count Money

    This worksheet will give your child practice counting money and determining value.

  • Money Word Problems #10

    Help Nina, William, and Deana figure out how much money they have. Kids will solve money word problems to figure out how much cash each character has.

  • Coin Match

    Let's go shopping! In this math worksheet, your kid will add up the value of groups of coins, then draw lines from coins to the items that cost the same amount.

  • Money Word Problems #4

    Your child will work through money math problems to sum up amounts of money. This word problem worksheet will help your child exercise his math skills.

  • Counting Nickels

    Coin recognition and simple adding are important skills -- without them, how will your smart first grader know how much money he has?

  • Counting Money II

    Help your child with his coin counting skills with this math worksheet, which is all about counting small change.

  • Play Dice Coin Counting!

    Your first grader will have a blast with this ultra-fun dice activity--and will practice her knowledge of coins and addition in the process!

  • Learning to Count Coins

    How many coins can you count? Help your little cashier learn to add up coin amounts to figure out the price of these items!