First Grade Math Money Math Worksheets


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  • Money Word Problems #3

    These money-themed word problems get your child to tally up the total dollars and cents. Encourage your kid to use his addition, subtraction, and money skills.

  • Counting Coins: Pennies and Nickels II

    Teach your first grader about money with this simple counting worksheet. Your child will count each group of coins, then write their total value on the line.

  • Counting Coins: Present Math III

    Your kid will circle coins that add up to the price of each present in this fun math worksheet. Different combinations of coins can add up to the same amount.

  • Catch Those Coins! #1

    Round up these errant coins and learn about money and addition in the process.

  • Count the Coins

    Give your child practice with coin counting with this money worksheet. He'll hone his coin recognition skills as he adds up the dimes, pennies and nickels.

  • Word Problems with Money: Subtraction

    Kids love to go pretend-shopping, and these word problems are the perfect way to familiarize them with money. A great way to practice subtraction!

  • Shopping with Daddy

    Your child will practice addition and subtraction by figuring out how much change Daddy got at each store with this word problem.

  • Counting Change: Coin Match III

    Exact change only, please! In this first grade worksheet, your child will match each group of coins to an item with a price tag of equal value.

  • Money Match: Dimes & Pennies

    First graders practice counting pennies and dimes together as they find the value of each chestful of money.

  • Money Match: Count 'Em Up

    First grade money masters show off their skill by counting up the coins in the jars and piggy banks and writing the total values on the lines.

  • Back of a Penny

    Your money savvy first grader is probably an expert at recognizing pennies, but does she know what the back side of a penny looks like?

  • How Much Money Do I Have? #10

    Your child will be adding like a pro after using these money-counting worksheets, featuring simple addition problems involving money.

  • Back of a Nickel

    The backs of coins are as important as the front. Does your first grader know how to recognize a nickel from its back?

  • Coin Purse Counting

    These coin purses are full of all sorts of coins. Can your child figure out the value of each one?

  • Small Change Match-Up

    In this first grade math worksheet, your child will practice counting and adding up change, matching each group of coins to another group with equal value.

  • Writing Money Amounts #1

    Money can be a tricky thing but this worksheet let's your child practice reading values in words and then writing money terms out in numbers.

  • How Much Does it Cost? #4

    It's time to do some errands and go shopping. Can your little helper add up the coins to figure out how much each item costs?

  • Comparing Money Amounts #5

    Give your kid practice with money-counting and sequential order with this worksheet. Kids will look at different amounts of money and decide which is larger.

  • Money Word Problems #7

    Encourage your young mathematician to help Stacy, Martin, and Gregory calculate how much money they have. Try this money math word problems worksheet.

  • Value of Pennies

    Trying to reinforce those money-counting skills? Start out with pennies. Checking out this cute worksheet just makes cents.

  • How Much Does it Cost? #3

    Let's take a trip to the store! Your little helper will use his knowledge of coins and dollar amounts to figure out how much each item costs.

  • How Much Does it Cost? #5

    Attention little shoppers, it's time to do some addition! Add together the coins and dollars to figure out how much each item costs.

  • Money Word Problems #9

    These word problems challenge your child to think about math as it relates to money. Help Stewert, Pearl, and Fran figure out how much money they have.

  • Counting Coins: Dimes

    To shop for fruit, kids read prices, count dimes, and match the prices to the equivalent amount of dimes on this first grade math worksheet.