Fourth Grade Ela Genre Writing Worksheets


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  • Writing Instructions

    Help your child learn to write clearly and concisely by writing her own set of "how to" instructions.

  • New Year's Writing Prompt

    Get ready to ring in the New Year with a fun writing prompt, all about New Year's resolutions. This is a good way to build paragraph-writing skills.

  • Writing Workshop: Everyday Writing

    Let your young writer relax by practicing writing notes to friends, journal entries, and even a grocery list!

  • Argument Writing: Pre-Writing Organizer

    This pre-writing exercise introduces five parts of a strong argument, including counter-arguments.

  • Persuasive Writing for Kids

    Challenge your writer's critical thinking skills by asking him to pen a persuasive narrative in favor of or against an issue.

  • Argument Writing: Sentence Frames

    Introduce your students to words and phrases that will strengthen their argument writing.

  • Letter Writing for Kids

    Using this great template to help with letter writing for kids, encourage your child to flex his imagination as he writes a letter to a friend.

  • What is a Narrative? Key Features

    In this activity, students will consider the key features of a narrative, such as plot, setting, rising action, and characters.

  • Reading Response Letter Interactive

    Students will look over a sample reading response letter and identify important elements in the text.

  • Snowflake Writing

    Imagine you spent a day in the life of a snowflake. What winter wonders would you see? Have some fun with this creative writing prompt.

  • How to Write a Friendly Letter

    E-mail is here to stay, but that doesn't mean kids shouldn't learn how to write a friendly letter.Teach your child how to write a letter to a friend.

  • Poetry Rhythm

    Practicing poets can refine their sense of meter and rhythm with this worksheet about stressed and unstressed syllables.

  • Persuasive Paragraph

    Give your writing some structure with this persuasive paragraph worksheet.

  • Literary Essay Graphic Organizer

    Help your fourth graders organize the structure of their literary essays with this graphic organizer.

  • Persuasive Writing Assessment

    This language arts assessment will illustrate your students’ writing abilities within the persuasive writing genre.

  • Winter Writing: No Verbs

    Review parts of speech and sentence structure with a fun and creative writing exercise. Try writing a descriptive scene using no verbs!

  • My Favorite Season

    Which of the four seasons is your child's favorite? Inspire her to get into writing with this introductory prompt.

  • Persuasive Writing Prompt Cards

    Your students will be ready to share their opinions and evidence when answering high interest persuasive writing prompts.

  • Persuasive Writing Prompt

    This fun, fantastical writing prompt is a great way to practice persuasive writing, an important part of upper-elementary composition.

  • Realistic Fiction Writing Assessment

    This assessment will illustrate your students’ writing abilities within the realistic fiction writing genre.

  • My Winter Goals

    Get the best of the season, and write your own winter bucket list! This is a great exercise for helping kids set and keep goals.

  • Snow Day Survival

    Prepare for the next snow day with this fun journal prompt, fit for any winter adventurer!

  • Making Connections Part 1: Literary Response

    Students will practice making connections between a text and their real life experiences in this reading comprehension activity.

  • Argument Writing: Match the Evidence

    While playing this fun memory game, students will find a piece of evidence that supports each claim.