Fourth Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • What Are the Two Main Parts of a Sentence?

    What are the two main parts of a sentence? This worksheet focuses on the strategy of identifying complete sentences.

  • Sports Writing For Kids

    Past, present and future tense is an important part of sports writing. For kids practicing their essay writing skills this worksheet will be a ball!

  • Pick a Pronoun

    Give your students extra practice using pronouns in context with this grammar exercise.

  • Mixed Review Writing Assessment

    In this mid-year assessment, students will apply their writing knowledge to a broad set of problems.

  • Possessive Adjectives

    His, mine or yours? Your little learner will have a better understanding of his parts of speech after completing this worksheet on possessive adjectives.

  • Find the Sentence Patterns

    Your students will enjoy reading this messy story and finding the different sentence structures.

  • Adjective Clauses

    Adjective clauses are easy to find in a sentence -- if you know how to look for them. In this adjective clause worksheet, you're the grammar detective!

  • Life Changes

    Students will practice converting verbs from past to present to future tense in statements that reveal truths about their lives.

  • Add a Prepositional Phrase to a Sentence

    Have your child practice her descriptive writing by adding a prepositional phrase to each of the sentences on this worksheet.

  • Imagery Using Verbs and Adjectives

    This exercise will provide the opportunity for students to practice revising vague descriptions using more powerful verbs and adjectives.

  • Linking Up Ideas

    Give your students the opportunity to practice combining ideas using transition words and conjunctions.

  • Writing with Vivid Words

    Give your students practice writing with detail and using vivid words.

  • Word Sort: Sounds of -ed

    Get your students thinking about the different sounds that the -ed ending makes when it's used to indicate the regular past tense.

  • Pronoun Quiz

    How much does your child know about pronouns? Find out by giving them this short pronoun quiz.

  • Synonyms for Funny

    Not all synonyms are created equal; can your child recognize slight differences in meaning of some of these 24 synonyms for funny?

  • Language Arts Review Part 2

    This review worksheet is a quick way to assess your students’ knowledge of prepositional phrases and other language arts skills.

  • Helping Verbs and Linking Verbs Story

    Linking and helping verbs may not be the most exciting or understood verbs — but they are still important! Learn and practice these parts of speech with this interactive activity.

  • Let’s Go Down to Pronoun Town

    Assess students' understanding of pronouns with this comprehensive review.

  • Irregular Verb Story 1

    This creative writing activity has students not only converting irregular verbs, but also applying this skill to their very own writing.

  • Conjunctions: The Cure for Your Run-ons

    Writers will learn to identify run-on sentences and repair them with conjunctions.

  • Gluing Words: Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions

    Help your writer compose more complex sentences by using conjunctions.

  • Make a Deposit in Your Adverb Word Bank

    This prewriting exercise introduces students to the strategy of creating a word bank while reviewing adverbs.

  • Identifying Adverbs

    An adverb describes a verb. It tells where, when or how the verb happens. Can you recognize adverbs? They don't all end in "-ly"!

  • Summer Nouns and Adjectives #10

    This adjectives and nouns worksheet is a great way to avoid the summer slide and to reinforce your child's knowledge of the parts of speech.