Fourth Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • Pronouns: Let's Make an Agreement

    Students practice identifying key parts of a sentence and make sure that the pronoun and its antecedent agree.

  • It’s Super to be Superlative

    Use this grammar exercise to practice using the superlative form of adjectives in sentences.

  • What is an Adverb?

    Learn your adverbs quickly, efficiently and happily. English grammar can be tough, but this introductory worksheet will be a big help.

  • Pronoun Agreement 1

    This activity will help your students learn and practice matching possessive pronouns correctly.

  • Sorting Out Adverbs

    Adverbs can express location, time, frequency, manner, or degree. In this exercise, students will identify at least seven adverbs of each kind and sort them into a graphic organizer

  • Diagramming Sentences: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Review parts of speech and learn about prepositional phrases with this diagramming sentences sheet, with passages from Alice in Wonderland!

  • Irregular Verb Story 2

    This activity has students not only converting irregular verbs but also applying this skill by using irregular verbs in a story.

  • Mix Up Your Sentences with Conjunctions and Adverb Phrases

    In this writing exercise, students will practice crafting richer, complex sentence combinations using conjunctions and adverb phrases.

  • Sentence Makeover 1

    Give a paragraph a beauty makeover! Take a paragraph that is choppy and create a more rhythmic and flowing paragraph.

  • Superlative Rule Followers

    Students will learn three rules to help them turn a simple adjective into a comparative or superlative.

  • "A" is for Adjective!

    Have fun with grammar and decode these scrambled adjectives, all starting with the letter A! This is a great way to work vocabulary and spelling skills.

  • Negative Adjectives

    Here's to the Negative Nancy in all of us! Your child will help choose a negative adjective to describe some bad musical performers and build vocabulary.

  • Synonyms for Friend

    Does your son have a chum, comrade, or confidant? These are all another way to say "friend"! He'll expand his vocabulary as he practices using synonyms.

  • Spice Up Your Sentences with Adverb Phrases

    Teach young writers to spice up sentences with adverb phrases in this engaging activity.

  • Language Arts Review Part 1

    This language arts review provides a quick way to assess your students’ knowledge of parts of speech and other skills.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #6

    Nouns and adjectives are especially cheery if they're in Christmas sentences. Your child will practice identifying parts of speech in this Christmas worksheet.

  • Adverb Word Bank

    In this writing exercise, students will learn more about the different kinds of adverbs and come up with a word bank they can refer to later.

  • Sorting Out Sentences

    Diagramming sentences helps students understand the construction of sentences. Using sample text, students will diagram simple sentences.

  • Night Before Christmas: Sentence Diagram

    Enjoy sharing this classic Christmas poem with your little one, and as you read she can practice sorting out her parts of speech!

  • Christmas Grammar

    Stay in the spirit of Christmas and review parts of speech! These sentences are full of nouns and adjectives; can your child tell which is which?

  • Awesome Articles

    Do you know your articles? Articles are often overlooked words, but they're important! Circle the articles in these quotes from Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.

  • Summer Superlatives

    Wrap up your summer by reflecting on your favorite friends, fun, and even food with this printable.

  • Superlative Rule Breakers

    Discover adjectives that just don't follow the rules in this activity about comparatives and superlatives.

  • All In the Word Family

    Help your child practice word families with this worksheet, which challenges your child to decide whether each word is a noun, verb, or adjective.