Fourth Grade Ela Word Structure Worksheets


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  • Indian Cuisine Word Search

    Is your child interested in food and cooking? Pair that interest with a word search focused on Indian cuisine.

  • 4th Grade Spelling Test: Technology Vocabulary

    Your child will be a future spelling champ after she completes this spelling practice test full of technology-based vocab words.

  • Suffix Sleuth

    As suffix sleuths, your students will explore changes in words that include suffix additions. They will practice identifying the two similar words and explaining the different meanings of the words.

  • Root Word Ladder: Tele

    Practice the root word TELE with this word play worksheet, perfect for strengthening vocabulary skills.

  • Spell It! For 4th Grade, #1

    This worksheet takes spelling practice to the next level by challenging kids to use spelling words like "breakfast" and "vegetable" in a fun crossword puzzle.

  • Seeds & Seedlings Word Search

    There are a lot of structures that make up a new plant, called a seedling. Your child will learn what they're called with this life science word search.

  • Words with Suffixes

    In this worksheet, kids can learn the meaning of many words with suffixes, and get to see firsthand how adding a suffix changes its definition, just like that!

  • Flowers in Love: Pollinators Word Search

    Where to flower babies come from? Use this word search to learn about the different pollinators in our environment, and how they help spread plant seeds.

  • Play the Valentine's Word Challenge

    Brain teasers like this are great for your child's cognitive development. He'll stretch his spelling and puzzle solving skills with this word fun printable.

  • States and Capitals Word Search

    What do Boise and Honolulu have in common? They're state capitals! Your child will flex his U.S. geography knowledge as he completes this word search.

  • Soccer Word Scramble

    Star soccer players will love solving this sporty word scramble! Review some soccer words as you hone spelling and vocabulary.

  • Vegetarian Word Search

    Broaden your child's vocabulary with a word search all about vegetarianism! She will learn about a popular food lifestyle as she practices spelling.

  • State Capital Search III

    Challenge your child to find the names of 10 state capitals hidden in the grid. Finish off by having him draw a dot on the map to mark each capital.

  • Spanish Cuisine Word Search

    Does your child want to be a chef some day? Introduce her to Spanish cuisine with a fun word search!

  • Word Part of the Week: sub

    Help your students get to know a common prefix with this great graphic organizer.

  • Halloween Scramble!

    Treat yourself to a tricky word scramble this Halloween! Your child can practice his spelling and vocabulary as he figures out each spooky word.

  • State Capital Search IV

    Can your child find Santa Fe, New Mexico or Providence, Rhode Island on a map? Your child will find the hidden names of 10 states, then find them on a map.

  • Feelings Word Scramble

    Exercise your child's mind and his vocabulary with this challenging word scramble. He'll use his logic and reasoning to figure out each word.

  • Slithering Snakes: A Crossword Puzzle

    Use the clues in this crossword puzzle to fill in the blanks with different types of snake names. Learn interesting facts about snakes as you go!

  • 4th Grade Spelling Test: Hail to the Chief

    Put your child in command of her vocabulary with this presidentially-themed spelling test especially for 4th graders.

  • Cold-Blooded Animals: Find the Word!

    Help your child practice her spelling and vocabulary with this fun worksheet! Discuss with your child what it means to be cold-blooded.

  • Take on Tree Terms: Word Search #2

    Let your kid's knowledge of leaf vocabulary climb as high as a tall, tall tree with this fun word search.

  • European Country Search III

    Challenge your fourth grader to find as many European countries from the word bank as possible, and when she's done she will each country's location on a map.

  • Word Transformations

    If your students need extra support in writing and recognizing similar words that have suffixes, then this worksheet is for you!