Fourth Grade Ela Word Structure Worksheets


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  • Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword puzzles help build brain power and bolster reasoning skills. Your child will find making his own crossword puzzle challenging, but so fun!

  • Around the World Cuisine Word Search: Italian

    Introduce your little chef to some different types of Italian food with this challenging word search! She'll get some practice spelling as she goes.

  • State Capital Search V

    In this fun geography worksheet, your child will learn the names and locations of U.S. state capitals, from Richmond and Austin to Olympia and Cheyenne.

  • Easter Word Search

    Easter's on its way! Challenge your child with this egg-cellent word search featuring words that are all about Easter.

  • Kitchen Words

    Cook up a fun challenge for your student! This word scramble is full of kitchen words that need to be rearranged and spelled out correctly.

  • Vegan Word Search

    What does it take to be a vegan? Build your fourth grader's vocabulary with a vegan word search. Be sure to challenge him to look up words he doesn't know!

  • Spell It! For 4th Grade, #2

    Crossword puzzles can be a great way to help kids practice writing tricky words commonly found on spelling tests, such as "disappear and "believe."

  • European Country Search V

    Challenge your child to find, circle, and locate eight European countries with this word search worksheet.

  • Math Word Scramble

    Give your little math whiz a wordy challenge! This word scramble will help him hone his spelling skills while reviewing common math terms.

  • Environmental Vocabulary Spelling Practice

    After completing this green-themed worksheet of environmental vocab, your student will be a mean, green spelling machine!

  • European Country Search IV

    Challenge your fourth grader to find as many European country names from the word bank as possible, improving his geography vocabulary in the process.

  • Subtle Changes

    Give your students practice in noticing suffixes and identifying changes in word meanings.

  • Styles Word Search

    Teach your him about the different styles of poems by reviewing the definition. Then, make it fun by having him find the words in this word search.

  • Valentine's Day Wordplay

    Try to see how many words you can create from the letters in "Celebrate Valentine's Day".

  • Playground Word Scramble

    Need a playful way to practice spelling? Here's a fun challenge that will also help improve your child's sense of logic and reasoning.

  • Naming Nouns and Associating Adjectives

    Nouns can be used to determine the meaning of corresponding adjectives, especially when a suffix is involved!

  • Mixed Review Language Arts Assessment

    In this mid-year assessment, students will apply their language arts knowledge to a broad set of problems.

  • Time Word Scramble

    It's time for a fun word challenge! This word scramble will help your child build her spelling skills, as well as basic problem-solving skills.

  • "Black Beauty" Crossword Puzzle

    This crossword puzzle makes a perfect accompaniment to a "Black Beauty" reading unit.

  • Match the Nouns

    With this worksheet students will explore word associations that include suffixes.

  • Stanza Word Search

    Teach your child about stanzas. The definitions are at the top of the page. Discuss the different types of stanzas and then find them in the word search.