Fourth Grade Math Geometry Worksheets


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  • Fun With Perimeters

    Fourth graders will calculate the perimeter of rectangles, then draw new shapes with similar perimeters. Help your child practice geometry with this worksheet.

  • Coordinates for Kids: Ho, Ho, Ho!

    Your fourth grader can save Christmas by helping Santa decipher an important code. As he helps Santa, will be getting some important practice with coordinates.

  • Plot Coordinates

    Challenge your fourth grader to determine the locations that balloons and birds will collide by plotting coordinates on a graph.

  • Identifying Triangles: Acute Triangles

    Let your fourth grader play triangle detective: can she spot the acute triangles on this worksheet?

  • Find the Rectangle's Perimeter

    Use your geometry skills to find the perimeters in this worksheet. This perimeter worksheet gets your child to calculate the perimeters of rectangles.

  • Geometric Solids

    Get a grip on geometry with this fun shape recognition sheet that quizzes kids on their geometry vocabulary.

  • Line Logic: Parallel and Perpendicular #1

    Fourth graders learn the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines by drawing them in this math worksheet.

  • Practice Finding Area #8: Find a New Home

    Give your fourth grader some entertaining at-home practice finding areas with this challenging worksheet that incorporates the adorable Mr. Rabbit!

  • The Missing Angle: Triangles

    How much does your fourth grader know about triangles? Can he figure out the missing angle in each of these triangles?

  • What Do You Know About Area & Perimeter?

    Kids practice finding area and perimeter with this worksheet.

  • My Lunch Box: Practice Coordinates

    Your fourth grader can find out the mystery meal by finding the ingredient that corresponds to each coordinated provided in the list!

  • Calculating Area in the Kitchen

    In this 4th grade math worksheet, your child will find the area of the kitchen floor, then calculate which kind of flooring is within budget.

  • An Introduction to Area

    Introduce your students to the basics of area!

  • Calculating the Area of a Hexagon

    In this fourth grade geometry worksheet, your child will learn how to calculate the area of a hexagon by breaking it down into rectangles and triangles first.

  • Calculating Area in the Living Room

    In this 4th grade math worksheet, kids find the area of a wall, then calculate which kind of wallpaper is within budget.

  • Angle Puzzle

    Take to the seas for your child's next geometry lesson with this fun math sheet that's all about angles.

  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    Get those lines straight! Help your child master the concept of parallel and perpendicular lines, an important skill for geometry.

  • The Missing Angle: Quadrilaterals

    Turn your fourth grader into a geometry detective! How many degrees is each missing angle in these quadrilaterals?

  • Obtuse Triangles: Identifying Triangles

    Is your fourth grader reluctant to practice geometry? This colorful worksheet, which explores obtuse triangles, may be just what he needs!

  • Match the Perimeter

    Your fourth grader will need to use his geometry skills to calculate and create rectangle perimeters. He'll also improve addition and multiplication skills.

  • Perimeter Match

    Fourth grade mathematicians will need to use their geometry skills to figure out the length of the pictured rectangles' perimeters, then make their own.

  • Coordinate Grid: A Sea of Letters

    Challenge your fourth grader to navigate through the sea of letters according to each coordinate to spell out a destination city's name.

  • Practice Finding Area #4: Farming Fun!

    Lettuce, corn, tomatoes ... How will it all fit? Give your fourth grader some geometry practice with this charming worksheet.

  • Coordinate Points at the Air Show

    Invite your fourth grader to help some pilots find their routes by plotting sets of coordinate points on a grid!