Fourth Grade Math Geometry Worksheets


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  • Folding for Common Angles

    This geometry activity calls for a blank sheet of paper, and an eye for angles. Students will construct common angles by following these simple instructions.

  • Honey Bee: Practice Coordinates

    Working with grids and coordinates doesn't need to be dull! Invite your fourth grader to practice by helping this honey bee find his way home.

  • Coordinate Practice

    Your fourth grader will get some important practice with graphing and coordinates as she helps out some farmer friends in this fun math printable.

  • Line Logic: Parallel and Perpendicular #3

    If your fourth grader is stumped on the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines, this is the worksheet for him.

  • A Warm Quilt: Practice Coordinates

    Your fourth grader will be kept occupied and entertained with this fun math printable. He will be practicing pre-algebra and coordinates in no time!

  • Practice Finding Area: Estimate Challenge #1

    Boost your fourth grader's estimation skills and help him practice finding area with this colorful worksheet.

  • Finding the Area: Victor the Vacuum

    Boost your fourth grader's geometry know-how by encouraging her to help Victor the Vacuum find the area of each room in the house.

  • Practice Finding Area: Estimate Challenge #2

    Now your fourth grader can practice with estimation and finding area--in just one printable!

  • Practice Finding Area #5: Pick the House

    Can your fourth grader help the Mouse family find their new dream house? He'll find the total areas to determine which house has an area over 55 square feet.

  • Baseball Field Angles #2

    In this baseball-themed activity, students will calculate angle differences and sums written in angle notation.

  • Angle Steering #5

    Looking for a fun way to give your child practice with angles? Print out this geometry sheet and he'll be a pro in no time.

  • Angle Steering #3

    Steering a boat is harder than it looks! Can your child use her angle and geometry knowledge to steer this ship in the right direction?

  • Flowers Everywhere: Practice Coordinates

    Challenge your fourth grader to help Emma put together a beautiful bouquet by tracking down the coordinates for a bunch of flowers.

  • Practice Finding Area #6: Get Painting!

    Boost your fourth grader's geometry skills with this colorful worksheet; he'll work to find the area of the oddly-shaped wall that needs to be painted.

  • Angle Steering #4

    Give your child practice working with angles on this fun geometry sheet. He'll add and subtract degrees as he turns the ship's steering wheel.

  • Calculating the Area of an Octagon

    In this fourth grade geometry worksheet, your child will learn how to calculate the area of an octagon by breaking it down into simpler shapes first.

  • Practice Coordinates and Perimeter with Penguins

    Your fourth grader won't even recognize that he's doing math as he helps his penguin friends reach their baby by determining the distance between coordinates.

  • Find the Area of a Rectangle: Intermediate

    In this intermediate-level geometry worksheet, your child will calculate the area of each rectangle using the values given.

  • Calculating the Area of a Pentagon

    In this fourth grade geometry worksheet, your child will learn how to calculate the area of a pentagon by breaking it down into rectangles and triangles first.

  • X Y Coordinates

    Your child will practice working with x y coordinates and use their critical thinking skills in this fun math printable.

  • Where Are They? Find Coordinates

    Give your fourth grader some practice with graphing and coordinates as she determines each location's coordinates on this printable.

  • Coordinates Activity

    Ask your child to help some imaginary friends determine where they buried their time capsules by determining the coordinates of each spot.

  • Math Coordinates Cats

    These adorable kittens are completely lost! Use the grid coordinates to find out where the kitties are from.