Fourth Grade Science Physical Science Worksheets


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  • All About Circuits

    Is your fourth grader learning about electricity? This worksheet is all about circuits, tests her skills and reinforces the concept of how a circuit works!

  • What's the Matter? #1

    Kids flex their physical science knowledge by classifying items as solids or liquids in this 4th grade states of matter worksheet.

  • Graduated Cylinders

    Give your budding chemist the facts and practice she needs for measuring with graduated cylinders.

  • Gravity Definition For Kids

    Looking for a quick reference about gravity and a definition for kids? This two page worksheet and activity has you covered!

  • Electricity Word Search

    Is your kid studying electricity? Give her a break from the scientific nitty-gritty with this fun word search full of electricity terms!

  • Water and Photosynthesis

    Together, water and photosynthesis are the source of all life on Earth! Little curious minds will enjoy discovering the ins and outs of photosynthesis.

  • Isaac Newton Biography

    Learn all about this significant scientist with this Isaac Newton biography, detailing his life and work.

  • All About Albert Einstein

    Introduce your child to fascinating scientist Albert Einstein with this history sheet, where he'll even get to learn a bit of basics on theoretical physics.

  • What Is the Water Cycle?

    What is the water cycle? We're glad you asked! Learn about this amazing natural system that's been working for billions of years.

  • Graduated Cylinder Measurements

    Sometimes measuring liquids scientifically is tricky. Give your budding scientist some practice, by reading measurements on graduated cylinder illustrations.

  • What's the Matter? #2

    Kids practice classifying items as liquids or solids for a lesson on the states of matter in this 4th grade physical science worksheet.

  • Build your own Electromagnet!

    Calling all mad scientists... Electrify your enthusiasm for science! This awesome worksheet will show you step-by-step how to make an electromagnet.

  • What Keeps the Moon in Orbit?

    Have you ever wondered what keeps the moon in orbit? Newton's first law gets a quick introduction, too, in this worksheet for kids. Check it out!

  • Electricity: Sources and Functions

    Your child will learn how electricity is made and used by drawing pictures of household products that use electricity to create light, heat, and motion.

  • Physical Science Review: Properties of Metal

    A handy worksheet that breaks down the properties of metal. A good physical science review sheet to keep around for reference.

  • Physical Change vs Chemical Change

    This worksheet teaches your student about physical change vs chemical change, matter, mass, and property. An exciting experiment reinforces the concepts.

  • Build a Pyramid Parachute!

    It's a paper parachute brigade! Learn how to build your own parachute, and learn how the parachute was invented over 500 years ago.

  • Physical Properties of Water

    This worksheet teaches your child about physical properties of water, specific heat, kinetic energy and more.

  • Electromagnet Word Search

    A lot of common objects use electromagnets to work. This word search will get your child thinking about all the electrical and mechanical devices around her!

  • Cohesion and Adhesion of Water

    With two simple yet fun experiments, this worksheet covers the interesting topic of cohesion and adhesion of water.

  • How Fireworks Work

    Let your curious kid learn a little bit about how fireworks work in this summer science sheet.

  • Apollo 11

    Learn about what was arguably the most famous of American space missions, Apollo 11, in this combination social studies and science worksheet.

  • What is Lightning?

    Discover the science behind lightning bolts! Find out exactly how and why lightning strikes before completing a lightning-themed word search.

  • Space Science Word Scramble

    Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with science? This printable will quiz them over astronomy.