Fourth Grade Social Studies History Worksheets


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  • Thanksgiving Crossword

    Which Native American tribe helped the original settlers in Plymouth? Put your child to the test with a colorful crossword puzzle all about Thanksgiving.

  • Angel Island Immigration Test

    Immigrants at Angel Island were often given confusing questions designed to keep them from passing into the USA. Try out some historical questions yourself.

  • Statue of Zeus at Olympia

    Zeus wasn't just any old god to the Ancient Greeks -- he was the top dog, the big kahuna. That's why his statue, built at Olympia, was so incredible.

  • Father Junipero Serra

    The California highway we know as El Camino Real, "The Royal Road", is named for the road that connected California's 18th-century missions.

  • Native American Patterns: Hopi

    This coloring page introduces kids to the pottery patterns used by the Hopi tribe.

  • Sam Brannan

    Welcome to the Wild West! Learn about the Gold Rush and the founding of San Francisco, with this worksheet about the talented and versatile Sam Brannan.

  • Native American Patterns: Tesuque

    Native American history is full of beautiful art, featuring patterned designs.This worksheet will introduce your child to a pattern from the Tesuque Pueblo.

  • Apollo 17

    Your child can learn about the last manned space flight with this worksheet that works on history, reading comprenshion and science all in one.

  • Sunken Village

    For students learning about Native American Indians, get educated about a famous archaeological site called the Sunken Village.

  • Native American Patterns

    Learn a little more about the rich culture of the Native Americans with a patterns and symbols worksheet, depicting a pattern found on pottery.

  • Gold Myths

    Learn some historical myths about gold with this worksheet, touching on the California Gold Rush, King Midas and Jason and the Argonauts.

  • Understanding Primary Sources

    Learn more about how to use primary sources by peeking into the life of one of the most heroic Americans: Sojourner Truth.

  • Gold Rush Prices

    Convert prices of supplies from the California Gold Rush to today's monetary values. What you find in this fun history and math exercise may shock you!

  • I Saw it First

    Get into the Gold Rush spirit with this fast and fun card game. Find all the gold you can, and when you find it, you better be quick!

  • Cole Porter Biography

    Learn a little bit about the life and work of Cole Porter, then try your hand at writing a song like one of his!

  • Passover Traditions: Tzedakah

    Learn more about the tradition of tzedakah, the practice of giving to charities around Passover.

  • Ancient Alphabets

    Discover the origins of our written alphabet! This chart shows the progression of glyphs and symbols that eventually led to the English alphabet.

  • Paper Sons and Daughters

    Learn about an immigration scheme from the 1800s used by Chinese immigrants, and decide for yourself whether it was right.

  • 'Iolani Palace

    Calling all history students, here's a beautiful structure from the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, the 'Iolani Palace in Hawaii.

  • Native American Pottery Design

    This history sheet is all about Native American art! Your child will learn a bit about how the Native Americans decorated their pottery.

  • Gutenberg Printing Press

    Did you know that people used to write whole books by hand? Learn about Gutenberg's printing press, an invention that revolutionized book-making.

  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

    What do you in Ancient Greece when you have more money than you need? You build a giant tomb structure, of course!

  • Neroli Fairhall

    Learn about the history of archery with a famous Olympian: Neroli Fairhall!

  • Native American Patterns: Zuni

    Teach your child a bit about Native American history and culture with this worksheet on patterns used in Native American art.