Fourth Grade Social Studies History Worksheets


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  • The Hancock-Clarke House

    For those of you studying Paul Revere, here is a great info sheet about the Hancock-Clarke house, an important site in the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

  • What's in a Name: Learn U.S. History

    By unscrambling the mixed-up state names, your fourth grader will find out how the state got its name.

  • Marginalized People of the Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush wasn't great for some, such as women, Chinese-Americans and Native Americans. Read about them and consider their dilemmas with this worksheet.

  • World Wonders: Word Scramble

    Do you know the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World backwards and forwards?

  • Fort Des Moines

    History buffs, here's a sheet that will teach you all about Fort Des Moines, an important military training site during WWI and WWII.

  • Famous Historical Figures

    Sort through the odds and ends in this mixed-up lost and found and match them to the famous historical figure they're most associated with.

  • Last Names

    Learn more about how last names change over time in this genealogy and world history worksheet.

  • Advertise the USA

    In the late 1800s and early 1900s, USA saw an immigration boom. Have your child use her writing and drawing skills to persuade people to come to the USA.

  • Settle a Dispute

    Lots of people settled in California during the Gold Rush, but these two guys can't settle a dispute. Why don't you step in and decide who is right?

  • Native American Symbols: Bird

    In Native American culture, animals and nature were very important and symbolic. Learn about the symbol of the bird with this worksheet.

  • Jonas Salk

    You may not know of Dr. Jonas Salk, but your life has certainly been affected by him! This famous scientist created the polio vaccine.

  • Writing Home

    Imagine you're out on the Gold Rush, mining in fields worlds away from home. What would you write in a letter back home?

  • Is It Gold?

    During the Gold Rush, people weren't sure if they found gold or something else, and these easy steps would help them be sure.

  • Riverboats

    Learn more about riverboats and the importance of these big machines in industry and culture with this supplemental social studies worksheet.

  • Californios

    Learn all about Californios, Mexican and Spanish people who settled in California, and test your knowledge of some new terms with a fun word scramble!

  • Film Strip Coloring Page

    These fun movie-themed coloring pages feature a cool film strip design. Our film strip coloring page is the perfect introduction to movie history!