Preschool Ela Early Writing Worksheets


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  • Tracing Lowercase Letters g,q

    Lowercase letters g and q are very similar! Learn the basic hand motions needed to write these letters with a tracing practice page.

  • Write It Differently

    Kids practice writing their name in fun ways with this worksheet.

  • Match the Numbers with the Fruits

    Practice tracing curved lines by counting the fruit then drawing a line to match the fruit with the correct number.

  • Can You Write Your Name Assessment

    Assess whether kids can write their names with this worksheet.

  • Tracing Letters C, G, O

    What do the letters C, G, and O have in common? They all have curvy lines! Practice drawing those curves using the handwriting guides.

  • Horizontal Lines

    All living things have a home! Can your little writer help get these plants and animals back to where they belong?

  • Doggie Coloring Page

    This cute doggie coloring page packs in the handwriting practice. Tracing the lines helps strengthen little hands for writing, and coloring amps up the fun!

  • Drawing Lines

    Get your child ready to write letters with this printable multi-page worksheet that helps with pencil-control skills.

  • Trace & Color: Basketball Game

    Get your preschooler ready for writing with this trace and color worksheet.

  • Trace the Flowers' Shapes

    These pretty flowers are just begging to be colored! Help your child build fine motor skills by tracing the circle shapes in the picture.

  • Complete the Dog House: Trace the Diagonal Lines

    Complete the roof on Spot's dog house do he can take a nap inside by tracing the diagonal lines!

  • Trace the Letters

    Writing words is a big task for small hands! Give your little writer some excellent fine motor practice with this tracing worksheet.

  • Tracing Letters Q, S

    Get into the groove of writing by tracing these lines and letters! This worksheet will prepare your child for handwriting.

  • Tracing Diagonal Lines: Match the Objects

    Preschoolers can practice drawing diagonal lines in preparation for writing by tracing the lines from top to bottom to match the objects that go together.

  • Make a Rocket

    Help your kid's curiosity blast off by introducing him to some basic chemistry with this simple rocket demonstration.

  • Trace & Color: Race Car

    Trace the race car, then color it in and watch it zoom off the page!

  • Practice Writing Letters: Rounded

    Gain practice for writing rounded letters such as C's and G's by tracing the semicircle-shaped handles of the teapots featured.

  • Trace & Color the Haunted House

    Tracing shapes in this fun Halloween scene will strengthen your child's fine motor skills. And when he's done he's got a great coloring page!

  • How to Draw Fireworks

    Ever wondered how to draw fireworks? Tracing is one step away from drawing, and this page helps your child on his way to making his own fireworks scene!

  • Things That Are Black

    You child will practice her shape recognition and her fine motor skills with this fun worksheet.

  • Tracing Letters X, Y, Z

    You've reached the end of the alphabet! Build great writing skills in your preschooler with this tracing practice sheet.

  • Tracing Lowercase Letters x,y,z

    Little writers can learn handwriting one line at a time with this tracing worksheet.

  • Horizontal Tracing

    Can your little writer help these animals get back home? Trace over the dotted horizontal lines to show them the way!

  • Tracing Letters I, H, T

    Tracing letters is the first step to building great handwriting skills! Practice tracing vertical and horizontal lines with this starter page.