Preschool Ela Early Writing Worksheets


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  • Diagonal Lines: Bugs

    Can your preschooler help these bugs crawl, buzz, and fly their way to each colorful plant? He'll practice drawing diagonal lines as he guides each bug friend.

  • Heroes of the Day and Night

    Challenge your little one to draw what's in the sky when superheroes Daisy and Norman are hard at work.

  • Tracing Practice: Trace the Painter

    This coloring page throws tracing practice, which helps to build handwriting skills!

  • Tracing Horizontal Lines

    Can your preschooler trace the horizontal lines to guide the tugboat from one end of the river to the other?

  • Trace the Picture

    Help your preschooler practice his fine motor skills with a sunny sky full of chances to trace curvy and straight lines.

  • Curved Lines Hummingbirds

    Let your child's pencil fly from bird to bird with this brightly colored worksheet that offers up lots of practice with curved lines.

  • Trace the Lines

    Tracing lines is the first step to building good writing skills. How many horizontal lines do you see in this picture?

  • Butterfly Maze

    The butterfly wants to reach her friends! On this prekindergarten worksheet, kids complete a maze to get the butterfly to her friends.

  • Drawing Diagonal Lines

    Cast your preschooler adrift on this sandy beach. She'll get practice drawing diagonal lines with a pair of leaning palm trees.

  • Drawing Zig-Zags!

    Help your preschooler practice drawing zig-zag and rounded lines with this printable worksheet.

  • Drawing Vertical Lines

    Step right up, your majesty! Guide your royal preschooler to trace the vertical lines in this fantastical castle.

  • My Music Art

    Do your students enjoy music and drawing? Combine both to help them learn to express themselves in complex ways while developing their early art and writing skills!