Preschool Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Add the Numbers

    If your child loves animals or the outdoors, this cute worksheet can be a great way to introduce them to addition.

  • Preschool Addition #3

    Help your preschooler get ahead in his math studies with this simple addition worksheet. He'll solve single digit problems that strengthen early math skills.

  • Easy Addition

    Give your child an introduction to addition with help from this easy addition worksheet. She'll draw more of each item, then count them up to find the total.

  • Apple Math

    Do some apple math with your child. Invite your preschooler to a storybook land of brightly colored illustrations and apple math perfect for her skill level.

  • Farm Addition

    There's lots of counting to be done on a farm! Can you count up Old MacDonald's hens and pigs?

  • Pig Math

    Teach your little one basic math with a familiar story about little pigs and a cranky wolf. Can your preschooler add up all the pigs in this tale?

  • One More

    Kindergarten students are excited to practice their addition skills. As they grow to become better mathematicians, use this fun worksheet to help them understand what happens when you add one more.

  • Preschool Addition #4

    If your preschooler has mastered counting, it might be time for him to start on addition. Use our addition worksheet to get him started on math practice.

  • Preschool Addition #6

    Introduce him to simple addition with this series.

  • Preschool Addition #19

    Your preschooler will work through simple addition problems in this math worksheet. Help your preschool student get a head start on addition with our worksheet.

  • One More Vegetable!

    One more vegetable! This worksheet will have your students figuring out what happens when you add one more vegetable to the existing list.

  • Preschool Addition #11

    Preschooler students who have mastered counting can move on to simple addition. This addition worksheet is perfect for the new mathematician.

  • Preschool Addition #9

    Introduce your preschooler to simple addition with this series.

  • Preschool Addition #20

    Give your preschooler a head start on addition with these simple equations. This worksheet can also be cut to make flashcards for your child.

  • Preschool Addition #8

    Pineapples and addition make a great pair. Help your preschooler learn the basics of addition with this simple worksheet, designed especially for little kids.

  • Bean Math

    Poor Jack. He's traded in his cow for a handful of magical beans, but he can't seem to add them up.

  • Preschool Addition #18

    Help your preschooler learn the basics of math with these simple addition problems and flashcards.

  • Preschool Addition #17

    This preschool addition worksheet is perfect kids who have mastered counting and are ready for a simple introduction to addition.

  • Preschool Addition #13

    Get your preschooler prepped for next year with a simple addition worksheet. Preschoolers who excel at counting will enjoy moving up in their math education.

  • Picture Addition

    Does your child adore fairies? This cute worksheet is a great way to get your preschooler counting, and also learning simple addition.

  • Preschool Addition #12

    If your preschooler is an expert counter, he may be ready for addition. Help him continue his mathematical education with this simple addition worksheet.

  • Duck Math

    Can your preschooler count the ducks as they float down the river in this storybook tale? Teach your child basic addition with this sweet and simplified story.

  • Preschool Math Flower Addition

    Can your little flower count up the number of blossoms in this picture math equation? Help her use her counting skills to solve the problem.

  • Preschool Addition #7

    There's nothing like some simple addition with a side of grapes. Encourage your kid to get ahead with his math practice using this preschool addition worksheet.