Preschool Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Three Blind Mice Addition

    What if more blind mice were added to the three blind mice? Help your child practice her counting with this nursery rhyme intro to addition!

  • Preschool Addition #15

    Preschoolers who can count quickly and easily may be ready for a little addition. This worksheet lets your child practice solving simple addition problems.

  • Goat Math

    These billy goats are in for a tough time -- the bridge they need to cross is guarded by a green, scary troll!

  • Preschool Addition #16

    If your preschool student is a master counter, it might be time for him to move on to addition. This worksheet will help your child learn simple addition.

  • Preschool Addition #14

    Preschoolers can get a head start on math with simple addition problems. Kids who have mastered counting can use this worksheet as an introduction to addition.

  • Crocodile Addition

    Take a swim for addition! Don't worry, these crocodiles are friendly. Count how many smiles you see.

  • Caterpillar Addition

    Munch on some math problems! Your little caterpillar can practice applying her counting skills to addition with this worksheet. How much fruit was eaten in all?

  • Bee Addition

    How many busy bees do you see? Help your little flower count up the bumble bees in the picture equation.