Preschool Social Studies Community Cultures Worksheets


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  • Community Helpers

    Quiz your child on just a few of the types of community helpers in this quick matching worksheet.

  • Wants vs. Needs

    Kids may think they need candy and video games, but parents know better. Help your child learn the difference between a want and a need with this worksheet.

  • What is a Service Job?

    What is a service job? This worksheet helps your preschooler think critically about the different jobs people have and what they do in those jobs.

  • Near and Far

    Build spatial awareness in your youngster, and practice telling what's near and far from your home!

  • What Does Not Belong? 2

    On this prekindergarten social studies worksheet, kids see community helpers performing their jobs and circle the picture that does not go with the job.

  • Resource: Water

    Water isn't just for drinking! What else do we use water for? Kids practice their reasoning skills as they fill out this social studies worksheet.

  • My Phone Number

    Can your preschooler recite his phone number? Use this cute template to help him learn an important bit of information.

  • My Address

    Help your preschooler learn how to write her address with this fun envelope template!

  • Fire Maze

    This fire maze is a fun activity and a good way to teach young kids about the role of firefighters in a community.

  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    Help your preschooler understand the definitions of yesterday, today and tomorrow on this drawing worksheet.

  • Community Helpers: Police Officer

    This silly worksheet will help young students learn what a police officer looks like, and how they keep us safe.

  • Things that Use Electricity

    Use this worksheet to help teach your preschooler what everyday things use electricity to function.

  • Learn About Transportation

    This worksheet challenges kindergarteners to match each person with his method of transportation.

  • Family and Friends

    Help your preschooler learn the difference between family and friends with this community and cultures worksheet.

  • Who Am I?

    Match the worker to the things they do in this review sheet.

  • Story of Hanukkah for Children

    This one page printable features the Hanukkah story for kids in a very short version.

  • My Bedroom

    What does your bedroom look like? Help your preschooler create a map of her bedroom using these cute cut-outs.

  • Things Made of Wood

    Wood comes from trees, but then where does it go? This worksheet teaches kids more about the things made of wood- one of Earth's natural resources -- wood.

  • Resource: Plants

    Help your preschooler become more aware of his environment with this plant resource worksheet.

  • Map Your Neighborhood

    Have some outdoor fun with your preschooler, and use these colorful cut-outs to map your neighborhood!

  • Multicultural Coloring: Afghanistan

    Coloring sheets of children from around the world in traditional clothing. This page is of a girl from Afghanistan in traditional dress

  • Resource: Paper

    Use this worksheet to teach your child about one of Earth's natural resources -- paper.

  • At the Doctor

    Help familiarize your child with the doctor's office -- and maybe reduce the pre-doctor jitters -- with this friendly community helpers worksheet.

  • Wants and Needs

    This worksheet will help your preschooler understand the difference between a want and a need.