Second Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Air as a Resource

    Is air a natural resource? You bet! Air as a resource carries oxygen, which we need. Read and write about ways air quality can be affected.

  • Stratus Clouds

    Meet the stratus cloud, a low-hanging kind of cloud that usually comes out when it rains, in this earth science worksheet.

  • Cumulus Clouds

    This science page presents the cumulus cloud, the puffiest, fluffiest kind of cloud that's made for playing outdoors under.

  • What is Compost?

    Encourage your little environmentalist to learn about composting! He'll boost his reading skills as he learns what compost is and how it helps the environment.

  • Soil Maze

    Worm your way through this soil maze, which doubles as a fun way to review the names of the different soil layers.

  • Microscope Coloring Page

    Microscopes bring biology to life, allowing us to explore the world's tiniest living things. Have your child create his own organism in the sample slide.

  • Where Else Can We Find Soil, Sand and Dirt?

    Read the definitions given for soil, sand and dirt then write down where each element can be found below the pictures.

  • Science Vocabulary Word Search

    This science vocabulary activity is packed with basic science vocabulary words to help the youngest kids warm up to scientific concepts.

  • Oil Well Diagram

    With this diagram, kids can find out more about oil, one of our most widely-used natural resources, and learn a little more about where it comes from.

  • Moon Coloring Page

    Aspiring astronomers, get ready for a stellar coloring page all about the moon! Your child can read some fun facts as he colors.

  • Dig It! #4

    Fossils have a lot to teach us about life on earth, but they can also be used to help teach kids the scientific method.

  • Stratocumulus Cloud

    Meet the stratocumulus cloud, the kind of cloud that tend to gather in groups when a storm is on the way.

  • Ocean Resources

    Ocean resources are an incredible part of how we live our lives; read and write about them with this worksheet.

  • Cirrus Cloud

    Studying earth science? Learn about the different types of clouds with the series of cloud types.

  • What Are Trilobites?

    Teach your child about prehistoric marine species with this trilobite coloring page!

  • Cumulonimbus Cloud

    Learn all about the cumulonimbus cloud, more commonly known by a much more fearsome name: the thundercloud!

  • Earth Day Game

    It's easy being green when you have our Earth Day game for a guide. Just print out this Earth Day game and get ready to score one for the planet.

  • Dig It! #3

    Fossils can tell us about life on earth, but they can also teach kids the scientific method.

  • Ozark Big-Eared Bat Coloring Page

    There's a happy-looking, big-eared bat and some fun facts on this coloring page! And it's a great way to start a talk about endangered animals with your child.

  • Make Your Own Compost

    Get into the habit of recycling food waste and other household materials by making your own compost pile!

  • Natural Resources: Plants

    Natural resources are crucial for sustaining life on the planet. Encourage your child to get to thinking about plants, one of Earth's natural resources.

  • Products Made From Plants Venn Diagram

    All of these products are made from plants, or they can be! Practice using a Venn diagram, researching and classifying items with your kids.

  • Recreational Resources

    Have any good ideas for recreational resources? The term "recreational resources" has to do with the activities we do for enjoyment and the places that we go.

  • Compost Fun Page

    Can you help Cornelius create a crazy compost concoction? Help your child review his knowledge of compost and recycling with this fun worksheet.