Second Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • Earth Day Fill-in-the-Blank

    Find out how to help the Earth with our Earth Day fill-in-the-blank. With this awesome Earth Day activity, you and your kid can save the planet!

  • What is a Car Made Of?

    What is a car made of? This worksheet asks you and your child to think about parts of a vehicle and where each listed resource was used.

  • Compost Quiz

    Does your little gardener know about compost? Quiz him on the basic elements of this excellent gardening tool.

  • Making Compost

    Does your little gardener know about compost? Test his knowledge of this sensationally smelly earth science process!

  • Saturn Coloring Page

    Get to know the planet Saturn with this fact-filled coloring page! Your little astronomer can read some interesting information on Saturn as he colors.

  • Sun Coloring Page

    If we could look at the sun, what color would it be? Your child can decide with this sun coloring page, the perfect way to introduce her to astronomy!

  • Cirrocumulus Cloud

    Learn your clouds with this coloring series of cloud types that merges science with coloring fun.

  • Altostratus Cloud

    Meet the altostratus cloud, a thin cloud that sometimes makes rain, in this earth sceince worksheet.

  • Altocumulus Cloud

    This page presents the altocumulus cloud, the kind of cloud that often comes before a thunderstorm.