Third Grade Ela Reading Fiction Worksheets


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  • The Nightingale Comprehension

    After reading The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen, complete this comprehension page to test your understanding of the story.

  • Robert Frost Rhyme Scheme

    What better time to learn how to rhyme? Try this worksheet; it'll be sweet! Your child can learn rhyme scheme using this famous Robert Frost poem.

  • Reading Fluency: Christopher Columbus

    Your third graders will learn about Christopher Columbus and his famous voyages with this reading worksheet.

  • What is a Metaphor?

    Using figurative language is a great way to boost your child's writing skills and creativity. With the help of this worksheet, she'll be a metaphor master.

  • Cause and Effect Reading Comprehension: My Day at the Amusement Park

    This resource will help your students practice an important reading comprehension skill as they read a fiction text and identify cause and effect relationships

  • Reading Fluency: Football

    This excerpt has exactly 100 words and is great reading practice for your little quaterbacks!

  • Reading Genre Challenge

    Kids hunt for different reading genres using this interactive worksheet.

  • Cause and Effect Reading Comprehension: Home Sick

    Use this resource to review the concept of cause and effect with your students. In this exercise, students will read a fiction text and identify cause and effect relationships.

  • Graphic Organizer: Problem & Solution

    Use this resource to organize the different ways a character tries to solve a problem in a fiction text.

  • Compare Ghost Stories

    In this reading worksheet, students can compare two ghost stories from other sides of the globe and see the ways in which they're eerily similar.

  • Dr. Seuss Characters

    Test your Seuss know-how with this fun matching game: which Seuss character on the left matches the description on the right?

  • How the First Letter was Written

    How was writing first invented? Find out by reading this delightful story by Rudyard Kipling, "How the First Letter was Written."

  • Reading Fluency: Autumn

    Have your third grader practice their reading fluency with this passage about Autumn.

  • Author’s Purpose Multiple Choice

    Use this resource to practice identifying the author’s purpose of short texts.

  • The Pop Quiz Blues Story

    Use this short story with comprehension questions to help your students practice identifying cause and effect relationships in a fictional text.

  • Reading Comprehension: Lulu’s Grades

    Use this resource with your students as they identify the different ways a character tries to solve a problem.

  • Comparing Two Stories

    Use this resource for your students to practice reading and comparing the story elements of two fiction texts.

  • Making Inferences: Where Are They?

    This reading resource gives your students practice using text clues and background knowledge to make inferences about characters.

  • Comparing Characters from Two Fiction Texts

    This helpful resource gives your students practice comparing characters from two texts

  • Calaveras Literarias

    Put a silly spin on a sad holiday by tickling your funny bone with some calaveras literarias.

  • Summary High Five

    This exercise gives your students practice writing their own fiction summaries.

  • Christmas Similes

    How many similies can you find in this Christmas poem? Get into the holiday spirit with a holiday classic, "The Night Before Christmas"!

  • The Selfish Giant

    Is your kid struggling with reading comprehension? Try this short and sweet story from Oscar Wilde.

  • Reader’s Theater: The Snowman’s Day to Play

    Use this winter-themed Reader’s Theater script to engage your readers as they practice reading fluently. Then challenge them with reading comprehension questions about the characters and events.