Third Grade Ela Reading Fiction Worksheets


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  • Bancho Sarayashiki

    For October (or just for kids who love scary stories!), here's a great telling of Bancho Sarayashiki, one of Japan's most famous ghost stories.

  • The Nightingale Story: Page 3

    Continue the illustrated story of The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Noppera Bo

    Ready for Halloween? Here's Noppera Bo, a terrifying folk tale from Japan, to help you celebrate.

  • Poetry Memorization 2

    You only get something out of it if you put something in! Have your child try five-part challenge, with the final goal being memorizing a poem word for word.

  • What Makes a Fantasy?

    This graphic organizer will help your students reflect on important story elements in their fantasy texts, as well as focus on the key details of their stories.

  • Fluency Rubric

    This rubric can be used with any lesson where students are learning or practicing fluency.

  • The Nightingale Story: Page 11

    Read this final page of The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen. Be sure to color in the illustration to complete the story!

  • Cool Bookmarks 2

    Cut out this cool bookmark to spice up the reading experience for your child. She reviews the book and keeps track of new words she's learning as she goes.

  • The Daughter Who Married A Skull

    In this old Nigerian folk tale, a young villager ends up marrying a real bonehead. (Sorry, we had to.)

  • The Nightingale Story: Page 2

    In page two of The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen, the reader sees the nightingale singing in the palace gardens. Read and color this worksheet.

  • The Nightingale Story: Page 4

    What will happen next in The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen? Find out with page 4 of this illustrated story set.

  • Comparing Settings from Two Fiction Texts

  • The Korrigan

    Read this creepy story about a mythological creature called a korrigan, then answer the comprehension questions at the end.

  • Rhyme Map

    Find out how rhyme scheme works with this simple exercise using Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."

  • The Nightingale Story: Page 5

    Find out what happens next in The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen. Your child can color in the illustration as she reads!

  • The Nightingale: Title Page

    Color the nightingale in honor of the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

  • The Nightingale Story: Page 10

    Read page 10 of The Nightingale, by Hans Christian Andersen, and find out what will happen to the Emperor!

  • Compare Story Elements

    Use this resource to help your students track information as they compare and contrast the story elements from two fiction texts

  • The Similarities in the Stories

    Use this exercise with your students as they focus on finding the similarities between two short fiction texts.

  • A Tale of Two Texts

    This compare and contrast exercise will give your students practice recording information about two similar fiction texts.