Third Grade Social Studies History Worksheets


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  • San Francisco History

    This worksheet contains a time line, word search, test question, and coloring activity to help expand your knowledge of San Francisco history.

  • Jim Thorpe

    Have your student read up on Jim Thorpe, an Olympian who is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, and boost his reading skills at the same time.

  • Gertrude Stein Biography

    Learn about influential writer and art patron Gertrude Stein, known in both the Jewish-American and art communities for being a famous writer and collector.

  • Amelia Bloomer

    Learn all about Amelia Bloomer, a daring woman who did a lot more than just set a fashion trend!

  • Thanksgiving Creative Writing #1

    Make writing practice fun this Thanksgiving, with a writing prompt about the Mayflower. Your child will flex her imagination and her knowledge of U.S. history.

  • What is Morse Code?

    Decode the history of Morse code with this reading comprehension activity.

  • Cootie Catcher: Exploring the New 7 Wonders of the World

    Inspire interest in historical sites by learning about the New 7 Wonders of the World with this fun cootie catcher activity.

  • Match the World Wonder

    These man-made marvels sure know how to put the wonder in wonderful!

  • The History of Underwear

    his April Fool's Day, or any time your kid is feeling a little bit silly, print out this wacky reading sheet about the history of underwear.

  • History of Memphis

    How much do you know about Memphis Tennessee? Enjoy this fun sheet all about the city's history.

  • History of Kansas City

    Did you know that Kansas City is actually in Missouri? Learn more about Kansas City with this fun sheet!

  • Presidio of San Francisco

    For those of you studying California history, here's a great history worksheet all about the Presidio of San Francisco!

  • Design Your Own Lincoln Memorial

    Draw a creative monument for President Abraham Lincoln.

  • Environmental Heroes: Rachel Carson and Al Gore

    Read about two influential fighters for the environment, Rachel Carson and Al Gore, and see just how alike and different they are!

  • History of Baltimore

    Did you know that Babe Ruth was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland? Teach your child about the history of Baltimore with this fun worksheet.

  • History of Pittsburgh

    Did you know the city of Pittsburgh has more than 400 bridges? Learn a few more fun facts about this city with a fun info sheet all about Pittsburgh!

  • Who Said That?

    Match the famous quote to the famous American in this quick quiz.

  • History of Philadelphia

    Learn about the history of Philadelphia and some fascinating facts about the City of Brotherly Love with this info-packed worksheet

  • Sandy Koufax Biography

    Learn about Jewish-American baseball player Sandy Koufax, a baseball legend who's considered one of the greatest Jewish-American athletes in history.

  • History of Las Vegas

    Did you know Las Vegas is actually a Spanish phrase meaning "the meadows"? Teach your child about the history of Las Vegas with this fun worksheet.

  • History of Minneapolis

    Learn all about the city of Minneapolis with a fun page, including a word search and a maze!

  • Freedom 7

    Got a kid with his head in the clouds? Encourage him to stay there with this worksheet about one of the first manned spaceflights.

  • History of Cleveland

    Check out Cleveland, Ohio! This city history sheet is full of fun facts and activities all about the city of Cleveland.

  • U.S. Cities: History of Honolulu

    Did you know Honolulu is actually a Hawaiian word meaning "shelter"? Teach your child about the history of Honolulu with this fun worksheet.