Third Grade Social Studies History Worksheets


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  • History of Phoenix

    Did you know Phoenix, Arizona is located in a desert ecosystem? Learn more about Phoenix with this fun sheet!

  • Carl Sagan Biography

    In this worksheet you can learn about Carl Sagan, an astronomer and astrophysicist who is revered in the Jewish and scientific communities alike.

  • History of Houston

    Do you know how Houston got its nickname "Space City"? Find out, with this great fun sheet, all about Houston, Texas!

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg Biography

    Introduce your child to the United States judicial system and a famous lady who knows how to lay down the law -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

  • History of Austin

    How much do you know about the capital of Texas? Learn about the history of Austin with a fun page, including a word search, drawing and a timeline.

  • History of Dallas

    Did you know Dallas is home to the largest airport in the U.S.? Teach your child about the history of Dallas with this fun worksheet.

  • State Capitals Quiz

    This mini state capitals quiz challenges fourth graders to name six different state capitals that hold the key to solving a puzzle.

  • History of Portland

    Did you know Portland is the second largest city on the West coast? Teach your child about the history of Portland, Oregon with this fun sheet!

  • State Fun Facts

    How much does your child know about the states? Quiz him with these state fun facts!

  • April Fools' Day History

    We all love a good prank on April Fools' Day, but how did April 1st come to symbolize such silliness? Find out with this reading worksheet!

  • Gemini 4

    Launch into learning with this worksheet on Gemini 4, one of the original missions in the early days of the U.S.'s space program.

  • History of Miami

    Did you know Miami was founded thanks to the efforts of a woman? Teach your child about the history of Miami with this fun worksheet.

  • History of Media

    This history and reading exercise takes kids through the history of news and lets them piece together the clues (literally!) to retell the story.

  • History of Albuquerque

    How much do you know about Albuquerque, New Mexico? This city history sheet is packed with fun facts about the city.

  • Museum Display

    Have your third-grader draw upon some knowledge gained from writing a biography to complete this refreshing biography worksheet.