First Grade Ela Letter Sound Relationships Worksheets


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  • Short "I" Sounds Color Puzzle

    Give your child practice with the short "I" sound. This printable worksheet will improve his reading as he completes a coloring puzzle.

  • Long and Short Vowel Sounds

    Boost reading skills with an activity in vowel sounds! Match each picture to the word with a similar vowel sound.

  • Long Vowel Quiz

    Review basic phonics with this long vowel quiz. Kids will get a chance to practice doing a fill-in-the-bubble style quiz.

  • Early Reading Building Block 7: Consonant Beginning and Ending Sounds

    This set of printables will help your child make key phonics elements like blends and ending sounds second nature.

  • Sounding It Out: Short U

    Help your first grader get to know the short u sound with this fill-in-the-vowel worksheet.

  • Long "I" Practice

    Kids practice sounding out and writing long i words as they complete the sentences with a word from the word bank.

  • Short Vowel Chart

    Sort out your short vowels with a cut and paste chart! This phonics exercise will help your child review his short vowel families.

  • Words That Begin with "Z"

    Help your little reader master words that begin with the letter "Z" using sight words and a fun matching activity!

  • Learning Long Vowels: Long U Words #2

    Not only do kids practice reading a slew of long u words on this phonics worksheet, they also work on handwriting skills and vocabulary, too.

  • Short Vowel Sounds: "U"

    Get on board with word families by practicing word families with a short u sound, as in -un or -ut.

  • Short "E" Words

    More than just an exercise in sounding words out, this worksheet asks kids to find the words with the short e sound.

  • Long "E" Word Search

    Put a little fun back into phonics practice! Find all the long "e" words in the puzzle.

  • All in the Word Family: The -eeps

    Help your child improve his reading skills with this printable worksheet, which is all about the -eep family.

  • Short Vowel Sounds: "E"

    Learn about word families, and practice sounding out short e, with this phonics worksheet.

  • Short "O" Sounds Color Puzzle

    Help your child learn vowels and improve his reading skills with this printable worksheet that's all about short "o" sounds.

  • Short "E" Sounds Color Puzzle

    Looking for a worksheet to help your child learn vowels? This printable worksheet will improve his skills with the short E sound.

  • Short Vowel Sounds: "O"

    Help your first grader become a more confident reader by practicing short o word families.

  • Learning Long Vowels: Long U

    Help your first grader get to know long u words by matching words and pictures with the long u sound.

  • Sounding It Out: Oe and Oa Vowel Pairs

    Vowel pairs are easier to sound out than they look. Help your first grader tackle the vowel pairs oe and oa with this matching worksheet.

  • Short Vowel Sounds: "A"

    Practice some of the short a word families, from -ab as in cab to -at as in bat.

  • Long "O" Vowel Sounds

    On this first grade phonics worksheet, your child will practice identifying the long "O" vowel sound by circling pictures. Then she'll write a long "O" word.

  • Short Vowel Sounds: "I"

    Focus on word families featuring the short i sound with this helpful worksheet.

  • Aw and Au

    Get to know your vowel sounds with an exercise about the "aw" and "au" sounds.

  • R-Controlled Vowels

    R-controlled vowels can be tricky, but they provide a great way to help kids expand their phonics skills!