First Grade Ela Letter Sound Relationships Worksheets


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  • Parts of a Bed

    Engage your little one with a fun sight words activity, where she'll learn the different parts on a piece of furniture we use every day: a bed!

  • Parts of a Bike

    As your little one learns to ride a bike, help her get familiar with all the different parts! She'll get to cut and paste these sight words onto the picture.

  • Red and Green: Practicing Vowel E Sounds

    This worksheet will help your first grader understand the difference between a long vowel e and a short vowel e.

  • Blends & Digraphs

    It's time to check in on those reading skills! Assess your students’ knowledge of blends and digraphs with this reading assessment.

  • Spot the Silent Letters

    This fun reading worksheet gets students searching for silent letters in words.

  • Letter Sounds

    Assess student understanding of letter-sound correspondence with this worksheet.