Fourth Grade Ela Writing Process Worksheets


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  • Forming an Opinion: Halloween Costumes

    Students will form their own opinions, as they voice whether or not they think children should be allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school.

  • Bigfoot vs Yeti

    What if Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman were stranded on a desert island together? It's up to your creative writer to tell the rest of the story.

  • I Beg to Differ! Writing Effective Counterclaims

    Your students will learn how to support an opinion by addressing opposing viewpoints.

  • What Will Happen?

    This joker is walking right into bad luck, literally! You get to decide what happens to him after he walks under this ladder. Be as creative as you want.

  • Different Ways to Start a Story

    There are many different ways to start a story! Hone creativity and build knowledge about literary devices with these fun story starting prompts.

  • Write a Bushido Backstory

    Watch out for this big, bad Bushido! Bushido is a Japanese word meaning "way of the warrior." It's up to your child to write the story of this super samurai.

  • Using Formatting to Pace Your Piece

    This worksheet walks students through the three main formatting strategies writers can use when organizing and pacing their narratives.

  • The Prospector on Mars

    Out of this world! This prospector has begun mining for resources on Mars! Your 4th grade sci-fi lover can write a story about his daily life.

  • Yeti Writing Prompt

    Encourage your little writer to exercise his creativity and write a story about this wacky scene.

  • Pirate vs Ninja

    What if a pirate went head-to-head with a ninja? Your little writer will decide the ending to this wacky story prompt!

  • Cherufe

    Did you know there were really hot lava monsters in Chilean folklore? Read a bit about the legendary cherufe.

  • Awful Epoxy Story Starter

    Is your child "stuck" without a good story starter? Behold the Awful Epoxy, a sticky super villain.

  • Funny Picture Prompt

    What if Cinderella's sisters stole her magical carriage and ended up in the desert! It's up to your creative writer to decide what happens next.

  • Using Inside and Outside Details to Pace Your Piece

    Teach students to slow the pace of the story by pausing to take stock of what’s happening around the character and inside the character's heart and mind.

  • Stop the Evil Genie

    Djinn are evil genies who live in a parallel world. Tell your 4th grader to write about his favorite superhero defeating this djinn.

  • Hippocamp

    Have you ever heard of a half-horse, half-fish? In old Mediterranean folklore these mythical beasts are quite common!