Fourth Grade Ela Writing Process Worksheets


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  • Living Underwater

    How would our lives be different if we were aquatic creatures living underwater? Have your kid flex his creativity with this fun writing prompt.

  • Cat Comics: The First Adventure

    Got an aspiring comic book writer on your hands? Spark your fourth grader's creativity with this comic strip-writing adventure!

  • Creating Character Stats: Supporting Details

    If your child has ever fantasized about being a pro athlete, he'll enjoy this writing assignment! Characters have stats and stories have supporting details.

  • Cat Comics: Joy Ride!

    Let your fourth grader dig deep into his imagination to come up with his own adventure for A.J. and C.K., in this fill-in-the-blank comic strip.

  • Halloween Nutcracker

    Imagine if the classic Christmas story, The Nutcracker, was actually a Halloween story! How would that change the way the story was told?

  • Halloween Story Starters #2

    Celebrate the spirit of Halloween, and share a spooky story! With this creative writing exercise, your child will describe his costume and what inspired it.

  • Polishing Practice 2

    Show students editing symbols that are used to polish writing before publishing. Then, have them practice editing a short story.

  • Halloween Story Starters #3

    Check out this fun writing exercise with a spooky Halloween theme. Your student will use her imagination to write a story about a magical witch's brew.

  • Find the Central Message: Literary Response

    Get your kids writing about their reading! When students note key observations as they read, they have a better chance at understanding a text's message.

  • Halloween Story Starters #4

    Give your child a fun way to polish his writing skills with a Halloween story starter. Hell get to make up his own scary story and get a creativity boost.

  • Halloween Story Starters

    This Halloween story starter will help your child polish grammar, handwriting and spelling skills. Get into the spooky spirit with a Halloween story starter!

  • Cat Comics: Bookworm Cat

    Let your fourth grader dive into this fill-in-the-blank comic adventure of A.J. and C.K.

  • Loch Ness Monster vs Megalodon

    What would happen if Megalodon and the Loch Ness Monster went head-to-head? Your budding writer can have fun narrating this epic battle!

  • Retell the Story

    How would the story of the Frog Prince go if it was told from the perspective of the other frogs in the pond?

  • Helios the Sun God

    This story starter is getting warmer! Read this version of the story of Helios the sun god, then have your child make his own sun myth.

  • Using Dialogue to Pace Your Piece

    This worksheet walks students through an example of how the dialogue between two or more characters can help writers change the pacing of a narrative.

  • Invent an Animal

    Put a little imagination into writing practice! Kids will imagine up a new animal species and write a descriptive paragraph about it.

  • Pet Dragon

    How cool would it be to have a pet dragon! Have fun with this "what if" writing prompt, and spin a fun story about the adventures you'd have.

  • Molten Martian Writing

    There's life on Mars! It's the Molten Martian! This curious character can be a springboard to a story by your 4th grader. Let him take off into his imagination.

  • Captain Kraken

    Hey, what's Kraken? Kraken are mythical sea creatures with terrifying tentacles. Tell your young writer to come up with a story for Captain Kraken.

  • Cat Comics: Gone Fishin'!

    Can your fourth grader write his own comic strip? Let him give it a shot, with this fill-in-the-blank adventure featuring A.J. and C.K.

  • Broken Mirror

    If you break a mirror, will it really give you bad luck for 7 years? Investigate the origins of this famous superstition with a fun writing activity.

  • Lucha Libre Lore

    This high-flying cartoon wrestler is on the path to lucha libre lore, but it's up to you to decide how he gets there. Color him in and then write his story.

  • On a Space Mission

    This robot soldier has found something on a Mars exploration that he's taking back home. What is it? Only your imaginative young author can decide.