Fourth Grade Ela Writing Process Worksheets


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  • Exploding the Moment

    Good writers also know how to slow down the action at just the right times to build suspense and pull the reader into the moment.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk Giant

    How would the story of Jack and the Beanstalk go if it were told from the point of view of the giant?

  • Practice Writing a Strong Lead: Literary Essay

    Students will practice writing strong leads for their literary essays.

  • Practice Using Transitions #1

    Upper grade students will practice using transition words to craft clear and cohesive writing.

  • Practice Using Transitions #2

    Upper grade students will practice using transition words to craft clear and cohesive writing.

  • Halloween Writing Prompt

    Get in the mood for Halloween with a spooky creative writing prompt. Your child will imagine and write about adventures in a haunted house!

  • Valentine's Day Reflection

    Enjoy a sweet writing response page all about Valentine's Day. Kids will get to reflect on an important person in their life.

  • What is Fiction?

    One of the most popular genres is fiction. Learn what this genre is, who some of its most famous authors are, and try to write some yourself!

  • How to Begin a Story

    Get acquainted with a few different writing techniques with this fun prompt. Kids will start the same story in a few different ways.

  • Crafting an Awesome Title

    In this activity, students will consider different strategies for coming up with titles, and practice crafting them for various pieces of text.

  • Complete the Story: Marnie's Muffins

    Does your child need a head start in creative writing? Give her this story starter worksheet, and she'll help Marnie figure out how to bake her muffins!

  • Write On! Strong Lead Sentences

    In this exercise, students will practice writing attention-grabbing lead sentences.

  • Crafting Imagery

    Show students how vivid a well-written description can be and then let them create imagery of their own.

  • "Knock On Wood"

    Have you ever knocked on wood to counter-jinx yourself? Now it's time to find out the truth behind this well-known superstition!

  • Thanksgiving Creative Writing #3

    Work up an appetite for writing, with a Thanksgiving creative writing prompt. Your child will use her imagination to craft the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Persuasive Writing: Testing Your Reasons

    Helping your students support their opinions with thoughtful reasons will prepare them to write strong persuasive texts.

  • Strategies for Crafting Your Title

    A great title hooks the audience and gives readers an idea about what they’ll be reading. With this worksheet, your writers will learn different strategies for crafting titles for any piece of writing.

  • Opinion Essay: Idea Map

    Students will craft their own essay using this graphic organizer as a helpful way to get started.

  • Dragon Writing Prompt

    What if the dragon guarding castle was just a household pet? Help your young writer boost her creativity with this fun prompt.

  • Easter Creative Writing #9

    Little Easter Bunnies, get out your creative thinking caps and delve into this Easter writing prompt. Can you think up the best Easter egg hunt?

  • Paragraph Puzzle 2

    The structure of a paragraph becomes clearer when you think critically about the choices a great author made and try to recreate them.

  • Pinocchio Writing Prompt

    Imagine if Pinocchio ran away and ended up in Alaska during the Gold Rush! Your little writer will decide what happens next.

  • Ways to Start a Story

    How many ways can you start a story? Have fun with writing, and practice telling the beginning of a story in six different ways.

  • Cat Comics: Jam Session

    A.J. and C.K. are at it again! If your child is into comics or graphic novels, he's sure to love this do-it-yourself comic adventure.