Fourth Grade Math Geometry Worksheets


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  • Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

    Math ninjas can learn the secrets of the rectangle with this practice page about the area and perimeter of a rectangle.

  • Coordinate Grid: Mystery Picture

    Test your kid's knowledge of coordinate grids and ordered pairs with this fun worksheet. She'll plot each point and connect the dots to find the mystery shape!

  • Lines, Line Segments, and Rays

    Give your child some practice identifying lines, line segments, and rays with this geometry worksheet.

  • Find the Area of a Rectangle: Easy

    Piggy needs to find a big room to house his teddy bear collection. Can your child help him figure out which room is the largest?

  • Coordinate Grid Map

    Navigate this map of Geo City! Put those graphing skills to the test by identifying and locating ordered pairs on this coordinate grid map.

  • Right Angles Geometry

    Help your third-grader learn about right angle geometry with this simple geometry worksheet.

  • Find the Area: Compound Shapes

    It's not everyday that you see shapes like these! This worksheet helps your fourth grader practice finding the area of compound shapes.

  • Coordinate Grid Shapes

    Get familiar with the coordinate plane! Your math star will practice plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate grid to form geometric shapes.

  • Basic Geometry: Anatomy of an Angle

    Learn some basic geometry with this worksheet all about the angle.

  • Word Problem Assessment: Flying Through Fourth Grade

    In this assessment, your students will flex their math muscles as they use all four operations to solve a series of word problems.

  • Perimeter of a Rectangle

    Have your fourth grader stretch his math knowledge with a geometry worksheet. He'll calculate the perimeter of a rectangle, then draw two similar shapes.

  • Angle Practice

    This fun puzzle provides lots of angle practice for your child. Can he figure out which way the boat is facing after the last turn?

  • Rectangle Mania: Finding Area

    In this 4th grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice finding the area of a rectangle by multiplying length x width.

  • Line Logic: Parallel and Perpendicular #2

    This worksheet helps kids understand the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines.

  • Olympic Arithmetic: Ice Hockey Word Problems

    Help your fourth grader celebrate the Winter Olympics season by incorporating snow sports into math practice: geometry word problems focused on ice hockey.

  • Practice Finding Area #7: Grandma's Quilt

    Can your fourth grader help Grandma make a quilt? She'll get valuable practice working with basic geometry.

  • Geometric Solid Shapes

    Chances are your child already knows a few geometry terms. Give him an introduction to the mathematical aspects of shape recognition with this worksheet.

  • Obtuse Angles

    Introduce your child to different angles starting with an obtuse angle and see him find the obtuse angles in this worksheet.

  • Identifying Triangles: Right Triangles

    This colorful worksheet asks your fourth grade geometry detective to practice identifying right triangles.

  • Plot the Coordinates to Draw a Picture

    Your fourth grader will learn about coordinates and get fine motor skill practice as she plots the coordinates, connects the dots, and draws a silly picture!

  • Practice Finding Area #1: Animal Farm

    The animals on this farm need to be fenced in! Can your fourth grader make them all fit in the grid?

  • Finding Coordinates: Riddle

    Your fourth grader can spell out what's for dinner and practice algebra basics by finding the ingredient that corresponds to each coordinate in the list.

  • Multiplying with Area Model

    Students will use what they know about area to multiply two-digit factors.

  • Rotational Symmetry

    Learn about rotational symmetry with an exercise that's simple and easy to understand.