Fourth Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Cursive Capitals: Oklahoma City

    What does your child know about the state of Oklahoma? At the end of this worksheet, she will know that the state capital is Oklahoma City.

  • Cursive Capitals: Dover

    Does your fourth grader know the capital of Delaware? This worksheet will teach her that the capital of this small state is Dover.

  • Cursive Capitals: Lincoln

    Learn the capital of Nebraska while practicing cursive with this worksheet which blends writing with geography.

  • Cursive Capitals: Montpelier

    Encourage your fourth grader to know her state capitals with this worksheet, featuring the least populated capital in the country: Montpelier, Vermont.

  • Cursive Capitals: Bismarck

    Kids will learn the capital of North Dakota (Bismarck) while they also practice their cursive handwriting.

  • Cursive Capitals: Boston

    Don't let your fourth grade be intimidated by U.S. capitals and cursive. She can practice both of these skills with this worksheet about Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Cursive Capitals: Carson City

    Your child can practice her United States geography knowledge while also fine-tuning handwriting.

  • Cursive Capitals: Pierre

    Some state capitals are easier to learn than others! This worksheet teaches kids one of the trickier ones to remember, Pierre, South Dakota.

  • Vermont State Capital

    This mnemonic worksheet will help your kid learn Vermont's capital. She'll draw a funny picture and make a memorable connection between Vermont and Montpelier.

  • Singapore Landmarks

    Test your knowledge of Singapore geography and landmarks with this worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Trenton

    Fourth graders are learning more about United States geography this year, and may even be challenged to name the state capitals.

  • The Potomac River

    The Potomac has been witness to huge moments in American history, and is a source of water and scenery for Washington, D.C. residents.