Fourth Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Norway Coloring Page

    Learn more about Norway's famous fjords in this Color the World coloring sheet.

  • United States Postcards #9

    Color your own vintage state postcards with this fun geography series! Your child will learn a bit of culture and history about each state as he colors.

  • Color the World! Torero

    Bullfighting is a tradition practiced in many parts of the world, but it is most commonly associated with Spain.

  • Color the World: Thailand

    Set sail for Thailand and learn about a traditional dance form called fawn thai.

  • Egypt Landmarks

    Welcome to Egypt, where the oldest structures known to man remain mighty and mysterious. Try this geography worksheet with questions about this wondrous place!

  • Color the World! Mt. Kilimanjaro

    This geography worksheet stops in Tanzania. The coloring page shows off the biggest mountain in Africa along with a fun fact!

  • Color the World! Mount Rushmore

    Learn more about this cultural icon with this Color the World social studies sheet.

  • Color the World! Flamenco

    Travel to Spain and learn all about flamenco, a traditional style of music and dance.

  • Grand Canyon Coloring Page

    This Grand Canyon coloring page will let your child take a peek at one of the seven wonders from the comfort of her coloring table.

  • Osaka Castle Coloring Page

    Visit world places with this worksheet series! Osaka Castle is an iconic structure of Japan and the largest, grandest castle at the time it was built.

  • Montana Fun Facts

    This Montana worksheet is a must for the next car trip. Find names of things that call Montana home in a word search, answer trivia, and color the state flag.

  • Pennsylvania Fun Facts

    Before it was a state, Pennsylvania was one of the colonies. Help your kids reach expert status on the 50 states with a great worksheet series!

  • Caribbean Islands Map

    Give this worksheet to your 4th grader and see if she knows what these countries are or where they are.

  • Alaska Fun Facts

    The next road trip needs brain teasers like these great geography printables! Check out Alaska fun facts.

  • Texas Trivia Page

    The next road trip needs brain teasers like these, with great Texas state sights, facts and a word search to round out this geography worksheet!!

  • North Carolina Fun Facts

    Every geography worksheet should come with a word search and fun puzzles. Check out North Carolina!

  • Color the World! Maasai

    Make a geography stop in East Africa to explore other cultures, with this coloring page of Maasai women.

  • Georgia Fun Facts

    This Georgia fun facts worksheet comes with a word search and fun puzzles to solve. Learn about Georgia state!

  • Color the World! Santorini Island

    Travel the world without traveling too far from home by using our Color the World worksheets.

  • Color the World! Kennedy Space Center

    Does your kid love rocket ships and space? Here's a great way to slip in a geography lesson and reading practice: a coloring page of Kennedy Space Center!

  • South Carolina Fun Facts

    Learn all about South Carolina with this fun facts page. Kids will do a word search, coloring activity, and more in this South Carolina worksheet.

  • Statehood Dates

    Your fourth grader will color the states different colors, based on the time period that state became part of the United States.

  • Color the World! Stonehenge

    Step up your child's geography and history knowledge with this series of world coloring pages, starting with Stonehenge in England!

  • Historical Maps

    Use this worksheet to show how historical maps reflect what people thought of the world long ago.