Fourth Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Cursive Capitals: Montgomery

    This worksheet featuring Montgomery, Alabama teaches state capitals and gives fourth graders a chance to practice their budding cursive skills.

  • The Cuyahoga River

    The Cuyahoga River in Ohio isn't the biggest or the most scenic river in the United States, but it played an important part in American society.

  • The Connecticut River

    Take a journey to the Connecticut River, the longest river in New England and a source of recreation and relaxation for many

  • Cursive Capitals: Denver

    Learn the capital of Colorado and practice cursive handwriting with this multi-purpose worksheet for fourth graders.

  • Cursive Capitals: Juneau

    This worksheet will teach your fourth grader about the capital of the largest state in the country: Juneau, Alaska.

  • Cursive Capitals: Topeka

    This worksheet asks kids to write out the capital of Kansas (Topeka) in cursive, effectively reinforcing geography and handwriting skills.

  • Cursive Capitals: Olympia

    This worksheet features Olympia, Washington and teaches U.S. geography and cursive handwriting at the same time.

  • Cursive Capitals: Little Rock

    Does your fourth grader know that Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas? She can learn her state capitals with this cursive worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Madison

    Learn some mid-west geography with this cursive capitals page that features Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Cursive Capitals: Saint Paul

    This worksheet provides cursive practice and teaches kids that the capital of Minnesota is Saint Paul.

  • Map of Delaware

    Get to know Delaware, one of the original 13 colonies and the first state to ratify the Constitution

  • Cursive Capitals: Helena City

    Help your child practice cursive writing and United States geography at the same time with this printable.

  • Cursive Capitals: Baton Rouge

    This worksheet teaches kids the capital of Louisiana: Baton Rouge.

  • Czech Republic Landmarks

    Test your knowledge of the geography and landmarks of the Czech Republic. This eastern European country is full of amazing castles and cathedrals.

  • Cursive Capitals: Frankfort

    By the time your fourth grader is through with this worksheet, she'll know the capital of Kentucky (Frankfort) and have practiced her cursive.

  • Cursive Capitals: Concord

    Your fourth grader can learn the capital of New Hampshire and practice her cursive handwriting skills all at once with this worksheet.

  • Cursive Capitals: Columbia

    This cursive state capitals worksheet focuses on teaching kid the capital of South Carolina: Columbia.

  • Cursive Capitals: Richmond

    This worksheet will teach your child the capital of Virginia (Richmond) and will also help provide guidance and practice on cursive handwriting skills.

  • Cursive Capitals: Augusta

    Learn Maine's state capital, Augusta, and practice cursive handwriting skills at the same time.

  • Cursive Capitals: Providence

    This worksheet will help kids learn more about state capitals by focusing on the smallest state: Rhode Island!

  • Cursive Capitals: Raleigh

    This fourth grade worksheet teaches kids the capital of North Carolina and encourages them to practice their cursive handwriting.

  • Cursive Capitals: Cheyenne

    With this worksheet, kids will be able to practice cursive handwriting while learning the state capital of Wyoming (Cheyenne).

  • Cursive Capitals: Honolulu

    Learn the capital of the last state added to the Union with this worksheet featuring Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • Cursive Capitals: Salem

    Kids will learn that Salem is the capital of Oregon and also practice their cursive writing skills with this geography and writing worksheet.