Kindergarten Ela Spelling Worksheets


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  • Phonemic Awareness: Initial Sounds

    Assess your students’ ability to isolate the initial sound in a word.

  • Rhyming Word Families

    Help your child up to speed with his reading skills with this printable phonics worksheet that's all about word families.

  • Read and Spell -ike Family Words

    Spelling doesn't always have to involve a pencil! Use this cut-and-paste activity to help your students practice spelling words in the -ike family.

  • The Night Before Christmas

    Share a classic Christmas poem with your little one. She'll get to color illustrations to The Night Before Christmas as she reads along!

  • Which Letter?

    Which letters make up your name? Students will practice identifying and writing the letters in their names using this find the letters worksheet.

  • Rhyme Time: The Long E

    This worksheet gives your child four pages to practice his rhyming skills and learn how to identify words with long e sounds.

  • Read and Spell -and Family Words

    Tell students to pull out their scissors and glue for this spelling activity. With this worksheet, students will practice reading and spelling words in the -and family using this cut and paste activity sheet.

  • Trace the Word Family: -in Words

    Give your kindergartener some rhyming and vocabulary practice with this word family worksheet.

  • Welcome to Word Families: -en Words

    Focusing on words that end in -en, this worksheet offers a simple introduction to word families.

  • Match the Words: -ab Family

    Make learning fun for your kindergartener with this "ab" word family worksheet. Have her color in the pictures to learn vocabulary!

  • Circle That Sound

    Take a step toward spelling with this spelling worksheet. Help your kindergartner learn about letter sounds using this fun letter sound matching activity.

  • Say Cheese! Practice Phonics

    This worksheet focuses on words beginning with the common beginning consonant blend ch- to help improve your first grader's reading skills.

  • Mid-Year Assessment: Phonemic Awareness: Middle Sounds

    Use this assessment to check your kindergarteners’ ability to isolate the middle sounds in words.

  • The Night Before Christmas: Part 2

    Enjoy part 2 of this classic holiday poem, The Night Before Christmas! Your little ones can color the illustrations as they read along.

  • Spell it!

    Give your students practice reading and writing new words like mat, bat, and pat. Your students will read each word, trace it, and then write it!

  • Mid-Year Assessment: Phonemic Awareness: Initial Sounds

    Use this assessment to check your kindergarteners’ ability to isolate the beginning sounds in words.

  • Words that Rhyme with Ice

    What words rhyme with "ice"? Help your little speller learn about patterns in spelling with this fun rhyming page.

  • How Many Words?

    Assess your students’ ability to write words using this fun writing assessment.

  • Which Does Not Belong?

    Which does not belong? Ease your child into word families practice with this tricky rhyming sheet.

  • "ed" Word Family

    This "ed" word family slider includes some known and new rhyming words.

  • "op" Word Family

    Hop up to practice "op" words! Three-letter words from the -op word family are featured on this hands-on printable.

  • Words with the Long A Sound

    This worksheet gives your child four pages to practice his rhyming skills and identify words with long "a" sounds.

  • Blend Buster: Get Phonics Practice!

    This exercise asks your child to fill in the blank spelling words with the beginning consonant blends listed at the bottom of the page.

  • "ap" Word Family

    The "ap" word family includes great words, like map and zap! Help your child get to know these fun words and letter sounds better with a word slider.