Kindergarten Ela Spelling Worksheets


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  • Create a Word Wall

    With this printable worksheet, children can practice their reading and spelling skills by using a word wall to identify common words.

  • My Journal Page

    Your kindergartener will love creating their very own journal! Using this page, students will be able to practice their writing skills in an authentic and meaningful way.

  • Read and Write Sight Words: My

    Kindergarten students are so excited to read and write! Use this fun worksheet to help them practice reading and writing common sight words.

  • Big the Pig

    Practice your kindergarteners’ reading fluency skills as they read about a pig named Big!

  • Which Spelling Is It?

    Develop your child's spelling skills with this worksheet! Children will see an illustration of a familiar word like cat, tub, and cut, then choose which word fits the picture.

  • Spruce Up the Sight Word: It

    Help your student color, cut, and paste his way to sight word mastery!

  • What's Missing?

    Help your early learners conquer their sight words with this printable worksheet! Kindergarten students will practice their reading and writing skills as they learn to read and write the sight word “can.”

  • Word Family Puzzle: -AT

    Our word family puzzle is a great visual tool and game that makes it easy for kids to see how words are built. Simply cut out the puzzle pieces to play!

  • Word Families: Rhyme with -ake

    Help your kindergartener improve his reading with this printable phonics worksheet, which is all about matching words that rhyme.

  • Snap the Snail

    Practice your kindergarteners’ reading fluency skills as they read about a snail named Snap!

  • "an" Rhyming Words

    This word slider features "an" rhyming words, or, part of the "an" word family. It's a perfect practice tool for letter sounds and reading.

  • "Ell" Words and "Eg" Words

    Practice reading, writing and rhyming with this fun printable that focuses on "-ell" sounds and "-eg" sounds.

  • Words that Rhyme with Rake

    Discover some common spelling patterns by looking at rhyming words. Help your child sound out each word slowly to finish the spelling.

  • Which "ip" Words Rhyme?

    Help your kindergartener with essential vocabulary and rhyming skills with this "ip" word family worksheet.

  • Find that Word

    This spelling worksheet is good practice for new spellers. Children can practice reading and spelling skills by using a word wall to identify common words.

  • Bake a Cake with -ake!

    What does a cake and a rake have in common? Three letters! Help your students practice reading and sorting -ake family words in this fun cut and paste activity page.

  • "it" Word Family

    Here's a bit of the "it" word family! Sit and slide this cut-out over the consonants and your child can practice pronouncing a set of short rhyming words.

  • Words that Rhyme with Well

    Help your child see patterns among rhyming words with this fun word building worksheet.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -AN

    Build words while tickling his creativity with this word family puzzle. Your child will love arranging the pieces and seeing what words he can make.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -IT

    Find the pieces that F-IT with this -IT word family puzzle! Mix up the puzzle pieces and guide your little one in sounding out each letter and letter pair.

  • "ot" Word Family

    You can see a lot in the "ot" word family! Make up to eight rhyming words with this word slider that your child can practice reading and saying.

  • "in" Word Family

    Check out the -in word family by sliding from consonant to consonant to create three-letter words your child can practice sounding out.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -ED

    ED is for bed, fed, and education! Make learning fun for your kid with this word family puzzle. Cut out the letter puzzle pieces and join them to form words.

  • "un" Word Family

    Here are a few words to go "un" about. Check out some of the -un word family.