Kindergarten Ela Spelling Worksheets


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  • "ip" Word Family

    Zip and dip in time to the "ip" word family. Use this word slider for rhyming and reading, along with the other word family sliders.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -OP

    Your kid will love arranging the pieces of this word family puzzle and seeing what words she can make. A great way to visualize how letters form words!

  • Word Family Puzzle: -OT

    G-OT words? You do, with this -OT word family puzzle! Guide your child in cutting out the word puzzle pieces and joining them to make words.

  • "at" Word Family

    A great tool for kinetic learners, this word slider worksheet will help kids get familiar with a few of the different words that make up the "at" word family.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -UG

    Our -UG word family puzzle is sure to put a smile on your kid's M-UG! You'll have fun as you help her cut out the letter puzzle pieces to form words.

  • "ug" Word Family

    Finally, here's a great excuse to say "ugh": the -ug word family!

  • "ad" Word Family

    Take a peek at part of the "ad" word family. Help your child practice sounding out letters and word sounds for stronger reading skills down the road.

  • Word Wall Scavenger Hunt

    Encourage your students to think about the sight words they are learning. Children can practice their reading and spelling skills by using a word wall to identify common words with this worksheet.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -IP

    Z-IP through your spelling lesson with our -IP word family puzzle. Help your little one mix up the cut-out puzzle pieces and form them into words.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -AP

    This word family puzzle makes it super easy for young kids to visualize how letters combine to form words. Tickle his creativity with these puzzle pieces.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -AD

    Get your kid excited about spelling with this -AD word family puzzle. This fun game makes it easy for him to visualize how letters are combined to form words.

  • Word Family Puzzle: -IN

    Challenge kids to this fun word family puzzle that lets him build words using the letters IN.

  • Wacky Word Families

    Your students will love using this wacky worksheet to practice identifying and reading short vowel word families.

  • Amazing Maze: -um Word Family

    Help your child recognize rhymes in the "um" word family with this fun maze activity. Boost your kindergartener's reading skills with word family worksheets!

  • Word Family Puzzle: -UN

    Inject some FUN into learning for your kid with this -UN word family puzzle. She'll have a blast forming words with the letter puzzle pieces.

  • Spot the Dog

    Practice your kindergarteners’ reading fluency skills with this worksheet about a dog named Spot!