Kindergarten Math Data Worksheets


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  • Fruit Addition

    How many strawberries are there in all? "In all" means all together! Help your child learn the basic idea behind addition with this fun math worksheet.

  • Sports Match Up

    If you've got a little sports fan on your hands, engage him with a fun matching activity. Try matching each sports ball to the right sports player!

  • Graph It! What Color Are Your Eyes?

    Does your kid ever wonder how many of his friends have green eyes? Our eye-color graphing worksheet will help him figure out the answer and work on math skills.

  • Comparing Quantity and Size

    Make math learning fun by adding some creativity to the mix. Kids boost measurement skills as they draw pictures comparing quantity and size.

  • Sort and Count

    This counting worksheet also involves coloring! Give your child some practice counting and sorting these party favors as she colors them.

  • Graph It! What is Your Favorite Color?

    Show your child the practical uses of math with this Graph It! worksheet. Your child will graph his friends' favorite colors in this graphing worksheet.

  • Counting Animal Prints

    Three different types of animal prints can be found in this worksheet. Students will practice counting by adding up all the prints.

  • Air Vehicles

    Sort out your vehicles with this transportation review. Which of these vehicles can fly in the sky?

  • What Big Teeth You Have!

    Searching for a worksheet that practices counting skills? This printable is perfect for beginning counters.

  • Penny Pockets

    Learn to count money with these pockets full of pennies.

  • Finding Dimes

    Practice finding dimes with this colorful coin counting worksheet! Kids will build their coin recognition skills as they work on counting.

  • Lots of Legs: Practicing Counting

    To complete this worksheet your preschooler will need to count the legs on each animal, and then decide which critter has the most.

  • Practice Sorting and Counting in a Traffic Jam

    Help the police officer record the cars in the traffic jam in this kindergarten math worksheet. Your child will practice sorting, graphing, and counting.

  • Sorting Farm Animals

    Help the animals find their way back home by placing them in the pond or by the barn. Your kindergartener will develop her sorting and categorizing chops.

  • Veggie Vote: Practicing Counting

    In this worksheet your preschooler will count tally marks to determine which vegetable was the most popular.

  • Jambalaya: Which has Equal Amounts?

    What can you make jambalaya with? Prepare this dish by comparing the number of ingredients in each pot.

  • Finding Nickels

    Get to know the U.S. coins with this worksheet, where your child can practice finding nickels.

  • Counting: Bees and Butterflies

    This bees and butterflies counting challenge will not only help your child count, but also begin to categorize objects.

  • Sort and Count at the Beach

    All these beach toys need to be organized! Is your child up to the task? She'll get to color while she counts and sorts the different items in the picture.

  • Count the Pizzas

    This is one tasty math worksheet! Figure out which group is more than, less than, or equal to the group of pizzas. Take a bite out this yummy challenge!

  • Organize the Campsite

    In this kindergarten math worksheet, group together each campers' belongings then count the number of groups to find out how many campers there are.

  • Finding Quarters

    Little coin counters can have fun finding quarters in this money math sheet! Pick out the quarters from the group of coins.

  • Color & Count: Starry Night

    Can your kindergartener help Martin count the stars in the night sky? He'll practice identifying like shapes and counting.

  • Counting for Kids #3

    Bugs are everywhere! How many bugs are visiting your garden? Practice counting the different kinds of insects.