Kindergarten Math Data Worksheets


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  • Counting for Kids #2

    How does your garden grow? Count the vegetables in your vegetable garden. Then fill in the blanks to describe and compare the vegetables in your garden.

  • Sorting on the Farm

    This colorful cutting and sorting activity exercises your young one's little hand muscles and fine-tunes her sorting and categorizing skill set.

  • Past vs Present

    Explore the concept of time with your little learner. Which of these items are from the present day? Which are from the past?

  • Insect Counting Worksheet: Moths and Ladybugs

    Try this counting worksheet with your kindergartener. Moths and ladybugs are very different insects, so tell your child to keep them separate as he counts.

  • Count the Bow Ties

    Compare fun clothing items like bow ties and blue jeans to figure out which group is less than, more than or equal to the first group. Do you dare to compare?

  • Dare To Compare

    Step right up, kindergarten mathematicians! Do you dare to compare these colorful shapes? Just count them and decide how they compare.

  • Color & Count: Candy Shop

    Amy sells a lot of candy in her sweet shop, but needs help sorting and counting them. Kids help out by coloring and counting the candy.

  • Insect Counting Worksheet: Butterflies and Cockroaches

    There aren't many bugs more different than butterflies and cockroaches. Your kindergartener should try to count them separately in this counting worksheet.

  • Gumbo: Which has Less?

    Help your child learn the ingredients for gumbo and compare amounts with this delectable worksheet.

  • Lunch Box Sorting

    What goes better in a lunch box: a robot or a sandwich? Have some silly sorting fun with your kindergartener.

  • Greater Than/Equal To

    With this colorful worksheet your early math learner will count objects and compare two groups. For advanced practice, he can fill in the blank with symbols.

  • Halloween Candy Math

    Help Penny and Sam sort out their Hallows-Eve hauls in the Halloween candy math worksheet.

  • Match the Pictures

    Help your kindergartener with vocabulary words using pictures. He'll match pictures on the left with their pairs on the right.

  • Inside or Outside?

    Explore the differences between inside versus outside with this sorting and categorizing worksheet.

  • Finding Pennies

    Test your child's coin recognition skills by finding pennies in this worksheet. He'll work on his counting skills as he identifies each penny.

  • Counting for Kids

    Give your little gardener practice counting with colorful flowers! He will count different items and then fill in the blanks to describe how his garden grows.

  • Graph It! What Instrument Do You Play?

    Show your child the practical applications of math with this kindergarten graphing worksheet. Kids will conduct an instrument survey and analyze the results.

  • Play With the Chicks: Practice Matching Skills

    This worksheet will help with your child's reasoning and matching skills, as well as improve her ability to follow directions.

  • Counting for Kids #5

    How is your garden decorated? Flowers are pretty but count the benches, lanterns and pinwheels that are also in your garden.

  • Counting for Kids #4

    Look to see who is visiting your garden! Count the critters, then fill in the blanks to describe and compare the animals that visit your garden.

  • Crawfish Boil Counting Which Has More

    Some people eat crawfish in Bayou Country! Help your child compare pots of crawfish using terms such as greater than to see which pot has more.

  • Insect Counting Worksheet: Wasps and Dragonflies

    Give your kindergartener plenty of counting practice. This counting worksheet, featuring wasps and dragonflies, may even turn your young one into a bug fanatic.

  • Easter Shapes

    Treat your little one to an Easter shape hunt! She'll practice identifying geometric shapes and categorizing them by coloring each shape a different color.

  • Insect Counting Worksheet: Wasps and Ladybugs

    You wouldn't want to mistake a wasp for a ladybug! Challenge your kindergartener to keep the two bugs separate in this counting worksheet.