Kindergarten Math Data Worksheets


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  • Count the Candies

    There's a math party going on in this brightly colored worksheet! Just count and compare the lollipops, candles and more to join the clever festivities.

  • April Fools' Day Hats

    How did these hats get all mixed up? Get into the spirit of April Fools' Day with this sorting and categorizing challenge!

  • April Fools Match Up

    Uh oh... These people have gotten their shoes all mixed up! Can your little sleuth fix this April Fools' Day debacle?

  • Counting Bees and Bugs

    Bees and cockroaches? That's double trouble! If your kindergartener is brave enough, have him count the number of these two scary bugs.

  • Shape Up II

    Searching for a worksheet that will help your child with counting and shapes? This printable is perfect for young counters.