Second Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Addition with Carrying 29

    Challenge your second grader to complete this double-digit addition worksheet--along with the rest of the set--and watch their addition struggles disappear.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #12

    Celebrate the joy of Christmas with an addition and subtraction focused color-by-number worksheet. Your child will solve equations and color in our worksheet.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 14

    Children get to color while practicing addition with carrying in this second grade math worksheet that doubles as a coloring page.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #16

    Each Christmas gift in this math and coloring worksheet contains an addition or subtraction problem that helps your child crack the color 'code.'

  • Math Lab: Addition #4

    Is your child comfortable with adding double-digit numbers? If he's getting there here's a different take on addition problems!

  • Addition with Carrying 13

    Your second grader will enjoy practicing two-digit addition when he has the lovable bugs on this worksheet to keep him company!

  • Colorful Christmas Math #4

    Enjoy a fun coloring activity while you review simple math facts! Santa has left 10 gifts, each with an addition or subtraction problem to solve.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #7

    This Christmas color-by-number worksheet gives kids the added challenge of solving math problems. Practice math and creativity with this Christmas worksheet.

  • Practice Addition with Tina the Tailor!

    Can your second grader help out Tina the Tailor by solving a cluster a double-digit addition problems and a bonus real-world word problem?

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 26

    Your second grader can work hard on these challenging double-digit addition problems, and then move onto the fun coloring activity!

  • Christmas Word Problems #13

    It's almost Christmas time, and it's up to your kid to calculate the numbers of the season. Tally up the number of Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and movies.

  • Addition with Carrying 23

    Get your second grader to speed through addition with the grace of a butterfly by practicing with this worksheet!

  • Colorful Christmas Math #19

    Our combination math and color-by-number worksheet gets your kid to use both sides of his brain. It's Christmas and Santa needs help coloring in his gifts.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 25

    Your second grader will be delighted with this double-digit addition worksheet that does double duty as a fun coloring page!

  • Christmas Word Problems #8

    Christmas enthusiasts will exercise a variety of math skills in this Christmas worksheet. Help your kid practice math with this Christmas math worksheet.

  • Practice Addition with Pete the Plumber!

    Spark your second grader's interest in addition with this colorful worksheet. He'll boost his math skills as he helps out Pete the Plumber!

  • Addition with Carrying 17

    The smiling snails on this worksheet will remind your second grader to work carefully as he completes these two digit addition problems that involve carrying.

  • Add & Carry: Swimming Addition

    Help your second grader swim to the end of the addition finish line with this entertaining worksheet!

  • Add & Carry: Chocolate Truffle Addition

    If your first grader is gaga over chocolate, enlist her love of the sweet candy to get her interested in double-digit addition!

  • Christmas Word Problems #19

    Feel the Christmas spirit with these Christmas word problems. Kids will calculate the numbers of carolers and more in this fun Christmas math worksheet.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 22

    Combine addition plus carrying with a charming coloring activity, and your second grader will actually ask for more math!

  • Colorful Christmas Math #15

    Don't get left behind in math class this winter break! Help your little one review her addition and subtraction math facts with a fun coloring activity.

  • Christmas Word Problems #17

    Your child will get a chance to stretch his math skills in this Christmas word problems worksheet. Kids will work on multiplication and more in this worksheet.

  • Color Me! Addition with Carrying 30

    This charming worksheet--with an additional coloring activity--asks your second grader to rewrite and solve eight double-digit addition problems.