Second Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Practice Front-End Estimation

    This math worksheet gives your child lots of practice with front-end estimation, addition, and subtraction.

  • Quick Addition: Adding Four Numbers

    Not only does this worksheet bolster kids' addition skills, it's a great mental math exercise, too.

  • Word Problems with Ninjas

    Test your child's strength in double-digit subtraction and addition with this ninja worksheet. Challenge his abilities with these tricky word problems!

  • Candy Store Quiz: Addition & Subtraction

    This quick quiz set at the candy store is packed with addition and subtraction review.

  • Arctic Math: Two-Digit Addition

    Kids solve addition problems with two-digit addends to move from ice chunk to ice chunk and help Polly get to her cub on this second grade math worksheet.

  • Multiplication: Add & Multiply Starfish

    Kids will fill in the missing numbers in the written addition equations using the pictured starfish, then solve related multiplication problems.

  • Addition with Carrying 2

    Help your second grader grasp the concept of carrying numbers in addition equations with this entertaining worksheet!

  • Check Your Work: Two-Digit Subtraction

    Kids check their subtraction by reversing the problems, then adding up the numbers.

  • Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction Check-in

    Use this to assess your students’ ability to add and subtract multiples of ten.

  • Christmas Word Problems #1

    Celebrate Christmas and exercise math skills with our holiday word problems. Kids will solve Christmas word problems using addition, subtraction, and division.

  • Vertical Double Digit Addition Practice

    As these friendly insects provide some creature companionship, your second grader will learn to add and carry over remainders in multi-digit problems!

  • Review Addition: Adding Ones and Tens

    Go over adding two-digit numbers to one-digit numbers with this helpful worksheet.

  • Number Line Word Problems

    This word problem worksheet will help your child learn how to solve math problems by measuring values on a number line.

  • Add & Spell the Hidden Word 2

    Combining two-digit addition with a special word puzzle, this 2nd grade worksheet makes practicing math fun!

  • Toy Subtraction Word Problems

    Who knew toys could be such great tools for subtraction? For extra math practice, try these fun word problems, all about toys!

  • Easter Subtraction Word Problems

    These math word problems are all about Easter! Give your child a fun twist on subtraction and addition practice with these word problems.

  • Know All About Numbers: The Missing Sign

    These equations have lost their signs! Only one sign--plus or minus--can make each equation true, and your first grader is the last hope to find the answers.

  • Monster Subtraction Word Problems

    If math is becoming a monstrous subject for your child, give him some practice with these addition and subtraction word problems.

  • Add and Compare #8

    Combining advanced two-digit addition with inequality statements, this 2nd grade math worksheet really packs a punch.

  • Thanksgiving Word Problems

    Thanksgiving word problems are great for young mathematicians. Try these Thanksgiving word problems to help your child with addition and subtraction.

  • Hundreds Chart Review: 1-120

    How high can you count? Second graders will strengthen their understanding of ones and tens with this hundreds chart. Students will fill in the missing numbers up to 120 and then answer questions using the chart.

  • Addition Math Puzzles #5

    Make practicing math fun with math puzzles. Your child will learn the basics of solving logic problems as he does math in his head.

  • Math Tiles

    Use addition and subtraction to find the correct path through the puzzle.

  • Multi-Step Word Problems

    Your kid will love using number lines to solve pesky multiple-step subtraction word problems. Learn how with this worksheet!