Second Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Christmas Word Problems #12

    These Christmas word problems will get your child doing math as he thinks about presents under the tree. Try these word problems with your child.

  • Add & Spell the Hidden Word 1

    Featuring a word puzzle at the end, this 2nd grade math worksheet makes two-digit addition new and exciting!

  • Addition Facts: Review

    Reinforce addition facts with this handy worksheet that features a sums and addends table and a handful of practice problems.

  • Number Line Addition

    Measure your way to the right answer by using this handy number line to solve word problems about adding length.

  • Addition with Carrying 3

    The butterflies embellishing this adorable worksheet will keep your second grader entertained as they learn how to manage these complex addition problems!

  • Comparing Numbers: Greater Than

    Can your second grader dig a little deeper into number comparisons? Have her find the missing number that makes each "greater than" equation true.

  • Move Along the Number Lines: Blank Templates

    Invite your child to imagine that he is a car moving along a number line. Use this math worksheet to help your 2nd grader identify numbers, add, and subtract.

  • Easter Word Problems #7

    Here are some sweet Easter problems to keep your child busy this holiday! He'll use his reading comprehension skills to solve these word problems.

  • Easter Word Problems #10

    Easter word problems get your kid to help Nick with his jellybeans and Glenda with her eggs. Work on math and reading with this Easter word problems worksheet.

  • Tidy Sum 100

    Work on addition while finding sums of 100 using a deck of playing cards and this first grade math worksheet.

  • Colorful Christmas Math #2

    Santa has left 10 Christmas gifts under the tree. Each present has an addition or subtraction problem for your second grader to solve.

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 40

    This colorful printable combines outer space with double-digit addition--making for an exciting math learning experience for your second grader!

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 33

    This adorable addition printable will help your second grader practice carrying over remainders as it boosts their mental math skills!

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 24

    Watch your second grader's mental math ability and understanding of addition with carrying improve with this adorable double-digit worksheet!

  • Addition Math Puzzles #2

    Your second grader will practice adding up to 50 while building her logic and problem solving skills with these math puzzle boxes.

  • Find the Missing Numbers: Reverse Addition & Subtraction #4

    Kids get a taste of basic algebra in this 2nd grade math worksheet. Kids flip the equations and reverse the operations in order to find the missing number.

  • Christmas Math Facts

    Santa's left 10 Christmas gifts under the tree, each containing an addition or subtraction problem for your student. She'll also get to do a bit of coloring!

  • Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 22

    This colorful math worksheet will get your second grader practicing double-digit addition--with carrying!

  • Halloween Word Problems

    Give your student some frighteningly fun Halloween word problems to solve! Hell be honing reading skills as he practices simple addition and subtraction.

  • Multi-Step Addition Word Problems

    This addition worksheet teaches your kid one way to solve multiple-step word problems by using a number line.

  • Finding the Missing Number

    Count like a champ! Your kid will find missing numbers in no time when he learns how to use a number line. Now get searching!

  • Addition with Carrying 5

    To complete this adorable worksheet, have your second grader re-write each addition equation vertically and then solve using regrouping.

  • Thermometer Math

    This worksheet shows your child how to use thermometers like numbers lines in order to solve addition and subtraction word problems about temperature.

  • Halloween Word Problems #4

    Solve spooky equations with this Halloween word problems sheet! Your child will be honing his reading as he works on simple addition and subtraction problems.