Third Grade Ela Genre Writing Worksheets


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  • Snowflake Writing Prompt

    If you were a snowflake, what would you see? Where would you go? Have some wintry fun with this journal prompt.

  • All About My Sister

    Show a little love to big or little sis with a fun family writing activity! Students will practice creative writing and sentence-building.

  • Sentence Prompts for Kids

    Build great sentence writing skills with these sentence prompts for kids.

  • Camping Trip Plan: Writing Details

    What kind of camping trip plan would your child make? He can write down details with this worksheet.

  • Summer Weather Writing Prompt

    Challenge your child to keep up his creative writing skills with an extreme summer weather writing prompt.

  • Temple Grandin Biography

    Learn more about this influential activist and author in this nonfiction reading page.

  • What Are You Thankful For?

    Feeling thankful? That is what Thanksgiving is all about! Help your child get into a grateful mood with this colorful writing activity.

  • All About My Brother

    How well do you know your siblings? Give your beginning writer a fun activity, where he'll answer questions about his big or little brother!

  • Buffalo Facts

    Whether you say buffalo or bison, it is still the largest land mammal in North America. Discover a bit more about this majestic animal.

  • Character Development

    Conjure some creative characters with this worksheet that will help kids develop great descriptive writing skills.

  • Elf Snowball Fight

    This elf snowball fight writing prompt is perfect for Christmas. The elves and reindeer have gotten into an epic elf snowball fight in this creative prompt.

  • Characterization

    Help your child get started on his storytelling skills with this worksheet about characters!

  • Santa Writing Prompt

    Looks like Santa Claus is in trouble! It's up to your creative writer to unravel the mystery behind this mysterious letter.

  • Short Writing Prompt

    What is going on in this picture? Have fun with this picture writing prompt, a great way to boost creativity in your young writer.

  • Funny Story Starter

    Funny story starters, like this one, switch on imagination, and it doesn't feel like the great writing practice that it is!

  • Silly Writing Prompt for Kids

    What if you had to relive the worst day ever! Have some April Fools' Day fun with this silly writing prompt.

  • Thanksgiving Writing

    Time to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving! Your child can polish her creative writing skills as she composes a thoughtful paragraph to give thanks.

  • Funny Haiku

    Have some fun with haiku! Practice syllable counting and creative writing by coming up with funny haiku poems for April Fools' Day.

  • Wacky Writing

    This skydiver is in for a surprise! What will happen next? Your little writer will use his imagination to write a story that explains this wacky picture.

  • Thanksgiving Writing Ideas

    Get Thanksgiving writing ideas with this exercise. Try these Thanksgiving writing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Summer Writing Prompt

    Don't get caught in the summer slide! Help to spark your little writer's imagination this summer break with a fun and creative writing prompt.

  • Creative Sentence Starters

    Boost creativity with these sentence prompts! Kids will practice storytelling with the help of some sentence starters.

  • Christmas Descriptive Writing

    Ever wonder what happens at the North Pole on Christmas Eve? Exercise your child's imagination with a fun writing prompt, all about Santa's workshop!

  • Summer Vacation Writing Prompt

    A summer vacation writing prompt might inspire a "must do" list, or, get your child imagining wild vacation spots. Maybe Mars?