Third Grade Ela Genre Writing Worksheets


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  • Fun Writing Prompt

    Imagine you woke to find you had a new, unimpressive, non-super power! Tell a story of what you'd do with this mediocre gift.

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #5

    Inspire your little poet with a writing prompt for Valentine's Day! He'll come up with some sweet rhymes and create his own poem.

  • Everyday Heroes

    In this biography writing worksheet, kids can find a person they know in real life and find out what heroic qualities this average, everyday person possesses!

  • Types of Poetry

    Get familiar with some types of poetry in this worksheet that covers different poetry structures.

  • Compose a Haiku

    Find out if you've got a little haiku master on your hands with our haiku worksheet. A simple poetry form, a haiku is perfect for beginning writers.

  • April Fools' Day Writing

    Give your students a silly writing prompt in the spirit of April Fools' Day!

  • All About My Family: Grandpa

    Get to know grandpa a little better with a fun interview exercise! Your beginning writer will practice building sentences and using descriptive language.

  • Future Summer!

    What will summer vacation be like in the future? Spark your student's sci-fi imagination with this fun prompt.

  • Letter to Future Self

    Where will you be in ten years? Give your child a fun time capsule exercise with this journal prompt.

  • Earth Day Acrostic Poem

    This simple acrostic rubric for Earth Day makes it easy for kids of all abilities to pen a poem about the planet.

  • Sentence Prompts

    Help struggling writers find their confidence with these sentence starters! Kids will use the prompts to help them get started telling a story.

  • Writing Science Fiction

    Would you rather travel through time or travel through space? Explore limitless frontiers while writing science fiction.

  • Write About Summer

    Every kid loves summertime! Keep his writing skills honed and ready for fall with a fun summer writing prompt.

  • Thanksgiving Writing Activity #2

    What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Give your child a fun way to flex her creative writing skills with this Thanksgiving writing prompt.

  • Pirate Story Starter

    Mix history and fiction and write your own story about what would happen if Captain Hook of "Peter Pan" and Captain Blackbeard met!

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #7

    Love is in the air this Valentine's Day! Give your young writer a chance to practice her descriptive writing with a creative writing prompt for the holiday.

  • Create Your Own Superhero!

    Here's a chance for your kid to dream up his very own superhero! With this narrative writing worksheet, he'll brainstorm strong verbs and adjectives.

  • Your Favorite Character!

    What if you were able to meet your favorite fictional character in real life? Write a creative story about your adventures together.

  • Sentence Starter

    Give your beginning writer a fun way to practice writing sentences. Use each prompt to help you continue your story.

  • If I Were a Tree

    Use this imaginative prompt to help your reluctant writer use his creativity to build sentences.

  • Easter Creative Writing #2

    Getting your child in the Easter mood is not a problem with this writing prompt! Challenge her to think back on her favorite Easter memory and write about it.

  • Horned Lizard Facts

    The horned lizard has a scary exterior but a gentle personality. Your little student can learn about this North American lizard with this worksheet.

  • Thanksgiving Creative Writing #2

    Flex your imagination this Thanksgiving, with a fun writing prompt in honor of turkey day. Your student will hone storytelling skills and practice handwriting.

  • Swimming in the Ocean

    Practice creative writing with some simple sentence prompts. Fill in the holes to describe what it's like to swim in the ocean.