Third Grade Ela Genre Writing Worksheets


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  • Frankenstein Writing Prompt

    Looks like Frankenstein's monster is out getting a suit tailored! Write about monsters in real life with this wacky writing prompt.

  • Valentine's Day Writing

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with a creative writing prompt. Kids will write about a romantic or silly way that they would show their love for someone.

  • Wampus Cat

    Read about the Wampus Cat, a famous Tennessee legend. Test comprehension as your child reads about some of the sightings.

  • Noppera Bo

    Ready for Halloween? Here's Noppera Bo, a terrifying folk tale from Japan, to help you celebrate.

  • My Favorite Meal

    Help kids get a leg up on writing practice! These sentence starters will boost their storytelling skills and help them practice handwriting as they go.

  • Christmas Dragons

    What if Santa's sleigh was pulled by dragons? Use your imagination and write a funny story about this picture!

  • Write an Adventure Story

    Here's a piratey, funny writing prompt for your child to write an adventure story with!

  • Knights and Dragons Writing Prompt

    Does your 3rd grader have a case of writer's block? Hand him this creative writing worksheet featuring a knight and a dragon doing battle.

  • Make a Cartoon

    Finish this cartoon by writing the script and filling the speech bubbles.

  • What Do You Like To Do?

    Explore your plan for the future with this creative writing prompt that focuses on your interests and hobbies!

  • If I Could Fly

    Imagine what you could do if you could fly! Practice your handwriting and creativity with these sentence starters.

  • Create Your Own Cartoon

    Fill in the speech bubbles of this scene to make a cartoon, but only if you're not afraid of spiders!

  • Zombie Writing Jam

    Pick up the past with this fun writing drill, perfect for Halloween time or any kid that's fascinated by monsters.

  • Three Wishes

    What would you wish for if you had the chance? This writing prompt is a fun way to get beginning writers using their creativity.

  • Thankful for Thanksgiving Writing

    Thanksgiving is a special time of year to get children talking about being thankful. Use these writing prompts to explore three different types of writing on the same topic.

  • Easter Creative Writing #7

    Do you love decorating Easter eggs? Put your kids' creativity to the test and have them write a story about their favorite Easter egg decorations!

  • Raining Gumballs

    What would you do if you were caught in a rainstorm made of gumballs? Bring out your creativity with this wacky writing prompt.

  • Make It Realistic!

    With this writing worksheet, challenge students to turn imaginary details into realistic details that could fit into a story.

  • Catch Your Reader's Attention

    Give your students practice in catching the reader's attention by using a strong hook in their writing!

  • Father's Day Baseball Card

    Celebrate the biggest all-star in your life by turning your dad into a baseball card!

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #2

    Get creative this Valentine's Day with a writing prompt! Your child can use his imagination to come up with a story behind this romantic day.

  • Ghost Hunter

    Check out this fun Halloween writing prompt that will surely scare up some writing skills in your child.

  • Valentine's Day Creative Writing #9

    Valentine's Day is here and what better way to get in the mood with this fun and creative writing prompt.

  • Dragon Story Prompt

    Here's a dragon story that's never been told before, and your child can write it!