Third Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • Fill in the Blanks Story: Cooking

    Let's cook up a funny story! This fun fill-in-the-blank is sure to please any beginning writer. He'll practice parts of speech as he goes.

  • Finding the Main Idea

    Practice using supporting details that complement the main idea with this practice page.

  • Complete Subject and Complete Predicate

    Get your third grader on board with the parts of a sentence with this worksheet that helps her practice identifying the subject and predicate of a sentence.

  • Past, Present, or Future Tense? 1

    Travel to the past, present, and future with your child with this comprehension worksheet. Kids will learn about the past, present, and future tenses.

  • Its or It's?

    "Its" or "it's"? If your child is not sure, help her practice with the sentences on this third grade writing worksheet.

  • Identifying Sentences: At the Beach!

    This multiple-choice sentence practice sheet gives kids a chance to show off their grammar knowledge by identifying different types of sentences.

  • Past Tense Verbs

    Strengthen your child's grammar skills with a verb activity! She will put sentences into past tense with fill in the blank sentences.

  • Adjectives to Describe a Hero

    This adjective exercise will prepare kids for writing and reading nonfiction stories about real-life heroes.

  • Past, Present, and Future

    Looking for a worksheet that will help your child with verb tenses? This printable is great for working with past, present, and future tenses.

  • Descriptive Adjectives: It's All in the Details

    The sentences on this third grade reading and writing worksheet are pretty boring. Kids liven up the sentences by adding descriptive adjectives to the nouns.

  • Abstract Nouns

    Nouns can be people, places or things, but what about nouns that you can't see or touch? Help your little one master her abstract nouns with this fun series.

  • Find the Verb

    Circle the verb is each sentence. Hint: Almost all of them end with "ed."

  • Demonstrative Adjectives

    Demonstrative adjectives include the words this, that, these, and those. Teach your child all about them on this straightforward worksheet.

  • Parts of Speech Worksheet

    This parts of speech worksheet is great for teaching your child about interjections and more. Use this parts of speech worksheet to get in gear with grammar.

  • Perfect Punctuation: Commas in Compound Sentences

    Give your third grader extra comma practice with this worksheet that asks her to combine two sentences into one using a comma.

  • Great Grammar: Present Tense Linking Verbs

    Here's a page that gives kids a great review of linking verbs.

  • Write a Limerick

    If your child likes to rhyme, have him try this fun style by using the format of poet Edward Lear.

  • Find the Nouns

    Practice parts of speech the fun way, with some Halloween nouns. Students must find and underline all the nouns in these spooky sentences.

  • What Are Prepositions?

    Figure out prepositions with this fun and easy guide! Which prepositions is Mr. Cannon demonstrating to his class?

  • Fill in the Blanks Story: Shopping

    Who knew grammar practice could be so much fun? Create your own crazy story with this fun activity for reviewing parts of speech.

  • Quotation Mark Practice

    Help your third grader learn how to use quotation marks with this worksheet that asks him to place quotes where they're needed.

  • Put it into Plural Form

    Use this resource to practice changing regular singular nouns into their plural forms.

  • Beginning, Middle, End

    This three-part series of writing prompts will reinforce story structure and creativity in your child's writing.

  • Identifying Action Verbs

    Practice identifying action verbs with this comprehensive grammar page that teaches kids the difference between passive and active verbs.