Third Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • Conjunctions #2

    Get to know your conjunctions with a parts of speech practice sheet! Your child will get to identify the different conjunctions in each sentence.

  • Monster Double Negatives #4

    Double negatives are a no no! See if you and your child can choose the right word to avoid these tricky grammar mistakes.

  • Comma Practice

    The more familiar your kid is with the uses of commas, the better her writing will be! This punctuation worksheet shows how commas join independent clauses.

  • Adding Adjectives: Halloween

    How can you make a scary story even more spooky? Add some great adjectives! Get some practice with this Halloween grammar sheet.

  • Adverbs Practice #3

    Get your child familiar with adverbs—descriptive words that tell how, where, or when—with this parts of speech worksheet.

  • Identifying Adjectives

    Kids can pick a room or go outdoors to identify as many adjectives as they can. Write down each noun the adjective is describing, and circle the adjective.

  • Fill in the Blank Words

    Follow a group of friends on their adventure and fill in the blank words to complete this scary story.

  • Verbs that Start with T

    This worksheet on verbs that start with T teaches your young learner to identify and write verbs.

  • Adjectives That Start With "I"

    Give your child a fun way to practice parts of speech with an incredibly interesting worksheet! This one is all about adjectives that start with "I".

  • Adverbs Practice #5

    Improve vocabulary and writing style as you review parts of speech with your young writer! He'll practice identifying and using adverbs.

  • Adverbs #9

    Improve vocabulary and writing style as you review parts of speech with your young writer! He'll practice identifying and using adverbs in sentences.

  • Add the Halloween Adjectives

    Get ghoulish with grammar this Halloween, and learn how to use adjectives to make your sentences more spooky!

  • Non-Identifying Clause and Commas

    What's a non-identifying clause? It's just a part of a sentence that gives extra info. See where to put the commas with this punctuation worksheet!

  • Verbs that Start with P

    This worksheet about verbs that start with P emphasizes verb usage and vocabulary building with a quick exercise in reading and writing verbs.

  • Adverbs Practice #4

    Can your child identify her parts of speech? Give her a hand recognizing and using adverbs with this practice sheet.

  • Verbs that Start with S

    Students can use this worksheet to expand verb vocabulary by completing a few writing and recognition exercises in this worksheet on verbs that start with S.

  • Adjective Detectives

    Use your descriptive and mystery-solving skills to write adjectives to solve a mystery.

  • Adverbs Practice #7

    Adverbs are words that describe verbs, and using them can really improve your writing style! Practice identifying and using adverbs with this worksheet.

  • Adverbs Practice #6

    Get your grammar student up to par on his parts of speech! With this practice sheet he'll practice identifying and using adverbs.

  • Verbs That Start with V

    Verify that your child is a verb vocab master with this grammar worksheet that focuses on verbs that start with V.

  • Verbs that Start with W

    It's the wonderful world of 'W' verbs! Kids can work their way through this worksheet that focuses on W verbs, then complete a fun puzzle at the end!

  • Verbs that Start with I

    Introduce your child to verbs that start with I with this immersive, interesting worksheet.

  • Cooking Up Adjectives

    People have characteristics that describe what they are like and how they act. Explore the use of adjectives with your child and create personality 'recipes.'

  • Summer Nouns and Adjectives #2

    Got summer on the mind? Add a little learning to the mix with this beach-friendly grammar sheet! Catch some rays while practicing parts of speech.