Third Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • Sentence Stretching

    Do your students know that sentences can be stretched out using prepositional phrases? When this happens, sentences have a greater depth of meaning!

  • "L" Adjectives

    Ladies and lads, you'll love this worksheet on letter "L" adjectives! There are three exercises to challenge your child's knowledge of parts of speech.

  • "C" Adjectives

    Your curious student will avoid confusion with this worksheet on "C" adjectives! He'll build his grammar and vocabulary as he sorts out these adjectives.

  • Positive Adjectives

    Think positive! Not all adjectives are created equal, and this worksheet asks kids to spot the difference between positive and negative adjectives.

  • Preposition Placement

    Challenge your students to write more complex sentences using prepositions with this creative writing worksheet.

  • "K" Adjectives

    Kings must know the importance of "K". Your young student will as well, with this worksheet on "K" adjectives.

  • "S" Adjectives

    "S" adjectives can be simple, silly or scary! Your smart student will build her vocabulary full of descriptive "S" words as she practices parts of speech.

  • "W" Adjectives

    When it's time for writing, the "W" adjectives are the way to go! Your wee writer will be a winner after completing these wonderful exercises.

  • "I" Adjectives

    "I" adjectives give us imaginary, industrious and intelligent! Your little writer will learn an incredible amount of descriptive words starting with "I".

  • "G" Adjectives

    Golly, "G" is a great letter for adjectives! This worksheet on adjectives is full of descriptive "G" words to help your child build her vocabulary.

  • Halloween Adjective Activity

    Get into grammar in a ghoulish way this Halloween, with a spooky adjectives worksheet! Your child will add adjectives to these sentences.

  • "E" Adjectives

    Your eager student will be excited to learn some excellent "E" adjectives in this worksheet. He'll complete three short exercises to help build his vocabulary.

  • Identifying Verbs: Pinocchio

    Read this chapter from the classic book Pinocchio, and identify the verbs and verb clauses the author uses to create action and set the scene.

  • Possessive Pronouns

    Grammar gurus, teach your child about an important part of speech with a fun crossword puzzle! Possessive pronouns show who or what something belongs to.

  • Interjections

    Hooray for interjections! Interjections add flavor to our language by helping us express emotions. Kids can get creative with interjections with this worksheet.

  • Summer Nouns and Adjectives #4

    Keep learning going this summer! Challenge your child on his knowledge of the parts of speech.

  • "D" Adjectives

    There are lots of descriptive D's on this adjectives activity page! Your student can practice using and identifying adjectives that start with "D".

  • Thanksgiving Nouns and Adjectives

    Gobble, gobble! Find the Thanksgiving nouns and adjectives in these sentences, and learn a bit of history in the process.

  • Summer Nouns and Adjectives #5

    Surf the learning wave this summer with our parts of speech worksheet! This grammar exercise is a fun approach to nouns and adjectives set in a summer tone.

  • "X" Adjectives

    "X" marks the spot for the "X" adjectives! While not many words start with "X," there are lots that start with the "X" sound.

  • Interjections: Pairing Feelings and Words

    Hooray! Kids pair feelings with descriptive words in this worksheet.

  • "Y" Adjectives

    Your youngster will be the best with this worksheet on "Y" adjectives. He'll practice identifying parts of speech and he'll build vocabulary.

  • Summer Nouns and Adjectives #9

    Camp out with this summer-themed worksheet! Challenge your child on his knowledge of the parts of speech with this grammar exercise.

  • "Q" Adjectives

    "Q" can be quite a challenge, but not with this quality worksheet about "Q" adjectives. Your student will hone grammar skills as he builds vocabulary.