Third Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • States and Capitals: Road Trip!

    Kids use their knowledge of U.S. geography to write the missing state names that go with the capital cities on this third grade social studies worksheet.

  • History of Nashville

    Give your child a fun geography worksheet all about Nashville! He'll complete a word search and learn some fun facts about this city.

  • Texas State Flag

    Get to know the state of Texas, and color its state flag! Students will get to read a fun fact about the symbols on the flag as they color.

  • Intermediate Directions

    Give your growing geographer a hand learning intermediate directions (northeast, southwest, etc.) with a fun mapping activity.

  • California State Flag

    Get to know the U.S. states a little better with a state flag coloring page featuring the flag of California.

  • My Family History

    Ever wanted to know where your family came from? Trace the history of your family with this fun geography activity.

  • Color the World! Champs Elysees

    Stop by the Champs Elysees in Paris and give your child a fun dose of geography learning, from a mini world map to fun fact on the page. Let's color!

  • Color the World! The Mongolian Steppe

    Visit the Mongolian Steppe and learn a little about Mongolia's culture in this coloring page!

  • American Food Map

    Take a road trip to discover American food! Color and explore this map to find a few hot-spots for great American eats.

  • Iowa State Flag

    Make geography practice fun, with a state flag coloring page! Color the Iowa state flag, and read a fun fact about the flag's symbols.

  • State Names: Map It Out

    Boost your child's geography knowledge with this fun worksheet, which challenges her to fill in the missing U.S. State names.

  • Alabama State Flag

    Get to know the U.S. states with this handy state flag coloring page, featuring the Alabama state flag. This is a great way to practice geography.

  • Arizona State Flag

    Here's a fun way to get your child excited about U.S. geography. Color a state flag, and learn a fun fact about the symbols on it!

  • Washington State Flag

    Introduce your geography student to the Washington state flag, and the state seal, with a state flag coloring activity.

  • History of St. Louis

    Did you know St. Louis, Missouri is home to the famous Gateway Arch? Teach your child about the history of St. Louis with this fun worksheet.

  • Sand Dunes

    Learn how sand dunes form, and a little bit about desert formations like yardangs as well, in this science summary sheet.

  • New York State Flag

    Get a grip on geography, with a fun state flag coloring page. This one features the state flag of New York, and it needs some colors!

  • Tennessee State Flag

    How well does your student know his U.S. states? Give him a fun activity with this Tennessee state flag coloring page.

  • History of San Antonio

    Learn all about San Antonio, Texas, the home of the Alamo, with a fun history sheet! Your child will see a time line, complete a word search and much more.

  • U.S. Map

    Little geographers will love having this handy printable to help them memorize the U.S. states!

  • What is a Plateau?

    What is a plateau? What's the difference between a butte and a mesa? Look at these three land forms and learn to tell them apart with this worksheet.

  • Crossword of the New 7 Wonders

    Give your child tidbits of information about the New 7 Wonders of the World with this crossword puzzle worksheet.

  • History of Detroit

    Do you know how Detroit got its nickname "The Motor City"? Find out with this city history fun sheet!

  • State Shapes: New England

    Label each state using the state names in the word bank.